ON THE LOOMS - Loom by loom ...

These are the projects currently available on the looms at the studio. If you are bringing a group for a "day weaving workshop" please take a look at the options before you arrive and have an idea of what you'd like to make. "Day weaving" is currently limited to 4 people at a time unless some of the participants have previous weaving experience and don't need supervision.
Experienced weavers can rent looms at the studio for their own projects. Contact us to see what looms are available at the time and what the cost would be for their use.

# Loom Current warp/width Warp Colors Location
1 36" Union 2H 26" rug warp Neutral Porch
2 36" Union 2H 26" rug warp -
red & green
3 36" Union 2H 36" rug warp Black Porch
4 36" Union 2H 26" rug warp  Black Porch
5 22" Norwood 4H 14" rug warp - placemats terra cotta, green, brown, tan Porch
6 18" Wolf Pup 4H 14" rug warp - placemats Christmas green/red Porch
7 26" Baby Wolf 4H empty   Main room
8 18" Wolf Pup 4H 8" scarves blue/green/purple Main room
9 40" Norwood 4H 32" cotton herringbone twill - throws teal, brown, green Main room
10 22" Norwood. workshop 4H 22" dishtowels mostly neutral Main room
11 36" Schacht 4H 26" rayon/cotton for shawls autumn colors Main room
12 18" Wolf Pup 4H empty   Main room
13 18" cherry Wolf Pup 4H Mug Rugs black House
14 46" Schacht 4H 26" loopy wool mohair for shawls blue/purple/rose Loom room
15 50" Norwood 4H  empty   Loom room
16 78" rug loom 2H 72" rug warp  neutral Loom room
17 60" AVL 16H 48" cotton/rayon throw (advanced students only) neutral Loom room
18 40" Norwood 4H empty   Loom room
19 26" walnut Baby Wolf 4H empty   House
20 30" Norwood 4H empty   House
21 42" Gallinger 4H 28" rug warp Hollywood design black/white/brn Basement
22 58" Anderssen 8H 48" rug warp neutral Basement
  Class fees:
$50 per day includes loom fee and material for small project (18" wide rug, 14" table runner, pair of placemats, or 8" wide scarf). Subject to availability ...
$75 per day, includes loom fee and material for medium project (26" wide rug  or set of 4 placemats) Full day workshop: $100, includes loom fee and materials for large project (piece of clothing fabric or large rug or two smaller projects.) Some students choose this option to learn sectional warping or just to spend a day with an experienced weaver and ask questions.
    Updated September 25, 2013