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Schacht Spindle Co. merchandise


Schacht 36" and 46" Floor Looms
Baby Wolf, Mighty Wolf and Wolf Pup looms
Wolf Accessories, Shuttles, Warping tools
Cricket and Flip Rigid Heddle Looms
Cranbrook Looms
(Please email for current prices)

  •  You may order Schacht merchandise through Homestead Weaving Studio,
    an authorized dealer of Schacht looms and equipment. E-mail us for pricing information on a wheel or loom with the options that you want. We have sold Schacht merchandise since the 1970s and think they're one of the best companies in the business.

  • Homestead Weaving Studio, LLC
    6285 S Hamilton Creek Road
    Columbus, IN 47201

    812 988-8622


    Schacht Spindle's Home Page - Visit Schacht's site for a full listing of their products, then return here to place your order.


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