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            Cyber Dish Towel Exchange  ~ 2011

Kristin Bergsten Amy Crane Katherine Cranston Amanda Cutler
Chapel Hill, NC Duxbury, MA Corvallis, OR Prescott Valley, AZ
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Bonnie Datta Laurie DuBois Susan Kunze Amy Lenertz
Airdrie, BC, Canada Glenville, NY Sandersville, GA Minot, ND
Vicki Lewis Paula Pearce Karen Pfundtner Susan Porter
Newark Valley, NY Shasta Lake, CA Oconto, WI Silver City, NM
J.D. Rich Laurie Schellinger Jerri Shanker Eric Staubo
Sheridan, MT Roseville, MN Glenwood, NJ Fort Collins, CO
Laurie Carlson Steger Joanie Stevens Cheryl White Cheryl White
South Dartmouth, MA Ukiah, CA Union Point, GA Union Point, GA
From Amy Lenertz, coordinator of the 2011 Cyber Dish Towel Exchange:
"I first ran across the towel exchange in '04 or '05, but I didn't feel I was a good enough weaver to participate. I forgot about it for a while, then went looking again in '07. This time, however, I was simply too late to meet the deadline. Then it was no more, and I was sad. But I still kept going back to Chris's website to look at all the towels. Last year, I noticed that she would be willing to offer advice and support to anyone who wanted to take over the exchange. After mulling it over a few weeks, I decided to contact her, and voila! the exchange was reborn!
 "We have 19 sets of towels from 14 states and 1 Canadian province. The designs are single coloured  and multi-colured, and have been woven on looms ranging from the rigid heddle to 16 shaft dobby looms. It was so exciting to go to the mailbox every day after they started arriving--especially the day that five different ones came!"

Updated March 6, 2011
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