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 Baby Wolf loom LOOMS and EQUIPMENT
Beautiful Schacht Spinning Wheel
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Timestamp Name Picture Sell / Seek Type Brand Details Location Price Condition Description Contact Email
5/22/2017 Claudia Almansa Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:60 inches Shafts:16 Montreal, Canada 8500 Excellent AVL Compu-Dobby ll, 60", 16 harnesses, polyester heddles, open frame, automatic warp tension, automatic cloth storage system, auto advance, box flyshuttle system, bobbin winder, AVL and Leclerc flyshuttlle, tension box, raddles, WeavePoint ( V6.2 ) software, all in excellent condition. claudiaalmansa@hotmail.com
5/20/2017 Allison pillar Selling Loom Louet Weave Width:35 Shafts:8 Rapid city, South Dakota 1600 Very Good Louet Spring 90, 2nd owner, 35" weaving width, 8 H/ 10 T, Countermarch. Comes with Matching Bench. Please email for more information. allison.pillar@gmail.com
5/19/2017 Charlie Waddle Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:40 inches Shafts:4 Nashville, TN 1400 Excellent Macomber Ad-A-Harness, 4 harness (can go up to 8), 40" weaving width. It comes with a bench, two reeds, warping board, various shuttles, books, yarn, a sley hook, and other odds and ends. charlienicolew@gmail.com
5/19/2017 Pamela Pierce Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 Pineville, Louisiana 750 Needs Work Ad-A-Harness B4 loom by L.W. Macomber for parts or repair. I think it could be brought back easily. I have more photos. pamcapri3@aol.com
5/16/2017 Kevin Boyer Selling Loom Louet Weave Width:28" Shafts:More than 16 Rockland, Idaho 3850 Good Louet Magic Dobby Loom 28" floor-table loom. 24 shaft. The shafts can be lifted by either the treadle or lifting lever. Both the cloth storage and warp storage are tightened with the ratchet tension system. It comes with both the mechanical dobby system and the computer driven electronic interface which retails for $3,600 itself. It works with either the serial port or the USB port and is recognizes by both PC and Macintosh inputs which allows for unlimited design possibilities. boyerfun@yahoo.com
5/16/2017 Susannah Dotson Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:56 Shafts:More than 16 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5600 Very Good Seems to be a Cyrus Oxaback, or close analogue. 16 harness, comes with 2 sets of frames, one metal, one original set of string heddles. There is some aging and rust in the metal of the assorted reeds and cranks, but it's a beautiful, large countermarch with study wood. Comes with assorted tools. Please ask for pictures. srjdotson@gmail.com
5/15/2017 Annette Higby Selling Loom Louet Weave Width:27 5/8 Shafts:8 Randolph, VT 2200 Excellent I have a Louet David floor loom for sale. 8 H/ 10/T, 70 cm (27 5/8 inches) wide. Sinking shed with over slung beater. Friction break, extra string heddles. Comes with instructional video, matching bench and a 12-dent reed. Small footprint - 34 ¼ x 33 ½ x 50 inches. 66 lbs. $2,200. Email me if you are interested for a photo. For pick up in Randolph, VT or delivery within 100 miles of Randolph for an extra charge for mileage. annette.higby@comcast.net
5/14/2017 Dan Fabrizio Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60" Shafts:8 Princeton, NJ 1200 Very Good Colonial 60" 8 Harness Floor Loom for sale. Comes with bench and spool rack. Loom has been disassembled, wrapped and is ready for immediate pick up in Central NJ. The link below is a good picture as well as a good idea how much this would cost new. $1,200 cash and it's yours. Call Dan 609-213-3950 danfabrizio@verizon.net
5/14/2017 Michellle Bright Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Astoria, Oregon 800 Excellent Complete weaving package with loom, maple bench with drawer and tray, swift, warping board, many shuttles, spools, books, yarns. All the equipment and accessories come with the loom. If you are interested, please email me. I can provide more pictures if interested. brightm33@gmail.com
5/13/2017 Linda Williams Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60 inches Shafts:4 Ashby, Massachusetts 2000 Very Good Four shafts with many heddles; 4 more shafts may be added. Flying shuttle is attached, Includes 8 and 12 dent reeds, 2 end feed shuttles and 4 pirns. willdog@countryweaver.com
5/12/2017 michal rowe-taylor Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:45 inch Shafts:4 Boulder, Colorado 1200 Very Good Leclerc Nilus Loom - 4 shaft/45 inches - Included are 5 reeds - over 1000 wire heddles - 21 bobbins - 10 pirns - some sticks. I also have 8 boat shuttles and an inkle loom/warping frame. yisrael_iam@yahoo.com
5/8/2017 Anne McGuinness Seeking (want-ad) Bobbin Rack LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Vancouver, BC 100 Very Good Need a bobbin rack to hold 50 or more bobbins. For my new warping beam equipment on 35" leclerc artisat loom amcguinness@shaw.ca
5/8/2017 Barb Gallagher Selling Clock Winder Handmade Weave Width: Shafts: Guilford, IN 100 Needs Work Used for winding skeins of yarn - don't know any other details. PICKUP ONLY in Dover, IN - WILL NOT SHIP - Can deliver to one of my shows barb@weaversloft.com
5/8/2017 Phil Ping Selling Spinning Wheel Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Oxford, Ohio 500 Needs Work There are 3 different wheels available - 2 of them are great wheels and 1 is a smaller traditional spinning wheel. Located in Oxford, Ohio - contact philsfinewoodworking@gmail.com to make arrangements to see and pick up. Price listed is a suggested price for ONE wheel - not all three. philsfinewoodworking@gmail.com
5/8/2017 Phil Ping Selling Loom Handmade Weave Width:60" Shafts:12 Oxford, Ohio 1000 Good This cherry loom was hand built and was used to make coverlets. It was extended to accommodate threading from inside the loom, but the extension can be removed for a smaller footprint. As it currently is, it is 6' wide, 10' long (4' is extension), and 7' high. Loom is located in Oxford Ohio and can be seen and picked up there. Price is negotiable. Contact philsfinewoodworking@gmail.com to make arrangements or for further info. philsfinewoodworking@gmail.com
5/8/2017 Phil Ping Selling Loom Toika Weave Width:60" Shafts:2 Oxford, Ohio 1500 Good This is a Finnish vertical 2 shaft rug /tapestry loom. It has aprox 60" weaving width and a warp beam. Loom is located in Oxford OHIO and must be seen and picked up there. Price is negotiable. Contact philsfinewoodworking@gmail.com to make arrangements. philsfinewoodworking@gmail.com
5/6/2017 Phil Ping Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:aprox 60" Shafts:16 Oxford, Ohio 3000 Good This loom is located in Oxford Ohio and must be picked up there. It is set up with a manual dobby head and a fly shuttle. It has 16 shafts. philsfinewoodworking@gmail.com
5/8/2017 Jill Livingston Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:56 Shafts:12 Minneapolis, Minnesota 4000 Excellent 56" 12 harness solid maple Macomber loom with two back beams with reeds, warping board and other tools. Photos available on request. jlblivingston@gmail.com
5/7/2017 Janet Bender Selling Loom Union Weave Width:36" Shafts:2 St. Paul, MN 525 Excellent This beautiful oak floor loom is in excellent condition.This is the loom for you! It is a solid 1940's loom that has been stored inside, reconditioned, and comes with many extras including: wood shuttles (valued at $20-33), additional metal heddles, reeds, lots of fabric and sock loops, instructions, extra parts from another loom, 24 spools of warping yarn, brand new temple (valued at $45-80), etc. Email for pictures. janetbender1@gmail.com
5/6/2017 Linnea Marshall Selling Loom Reed Loom Co. Weave Width:30" Shafts:2 Moscow, Idaho 300 Good Reed Loom Co. of Springfield, Ohio. Model: Little Dandy. Counterbalanced 2 harness, wire heddles, 2 treadles. 1 reed, 10 dents per inch. Sectional warp beam with ratchet brake. 41" side x 42" deep x 51" tall. With spool rack and tension box. Read about the Reed Loom Co. at this website: https://weavolution.com/manufacturer/reed-manufacturing-co 135161017m@gmail.com
5/6/2017 Rhett Travis Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:36 Shafts:8 East Rochester, NY 2500 Excellent Great floor loom with only gentle wear. EVERYTHING you need to start weaving. Includes books, warping board, Raddles, extra heddles, boat shuttles (3) and bobbins, reed threader & some spare cotton yarn. For a great description see: http://schachtspindle.com/item/standard-floor-loom/ rhetttravis@gmail.com
5/8/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Lillistina Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 NE Ohio, USA 350 Very Good Lillstina loom and bench in great condition, 4 H, 6 T. Note the great beam cranks. $450. Folds for easy transportation. Warping board is also available for purchase, Shuttles, Sley hook, lease sticks included. Texsolv heddles.. N.E. Ohio . Lambrugs@yahoo.com lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/8/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 NE Ohio, USA 850 Very Good LeClerc Fanny 36" 4-H, 6-T. Extra heddles, extra tie up cords, shuttles (boat, stick, ski), bobbins, sley hook, extra reed, raddle, books, lease sticks, yarns, sword, aprons back and front. Folds for easy transport, like new and beautiful. This is a tall loom. $1095. NE Ohio. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com or 330-457-7551 lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/4/2017 Nancy Wheeler Selling Spinning Wheel Ashford Weave Width: Shafts: Ladysmith, WI 450 Excellent A delightful Ashford Traditional spinning wheel, complete with a lazy Kate. Also included are many books on spinning and learning to spin and a pair of hand cards. Also several drop spindles. nancywheeler1@gmail.com
5/4/2017 Nancy Wheeler Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:45" Shafts:4 Ladysmith, Wisconsin 950 Very Good This Le Clerc counterbalance,4 harness loom is a wonderful workhorse of a loom. Sturdy enough for rugs as well as fine weaving. Able to weave a wide variety of weave structures. Pick up in northern WI. nancywheeler1@gmail.com
5/4/2017 Siobhan Kelleher Selling Spinning Wheel Kromski Weave Width: Shafts: Boston, MA 600 Excellent Beautiful, well-maintained double-treadle Kromski Symphony spinning wheel with stool, both in clear finish. Includes everything you need to get going, including Scotch tension kit, lazy kate, 6(!!) original Kromski bobbins, and orifice hook. New the wheel sells for $800, 3 additional bobbins are $60, and the stool sells for $120 -- $980 total *unassembled.* I'm asking $600 assembled. siowoolly@gmail.com
5/3/2017 John Nisewonger Selling Loom Shannock Weave Width:60 Shafts:N/A Petersburg, VA 3000 Very Good Shannock tapestry looms - two available: 4' - $2500; 6' - $3000. Both are used very little and appear to be in great shape. Contact me for pictures. I am a surplus dealer but will try to answer all questions. These came from a local college and they dated them to around 1998. Drummer016@hotmail.com
5/3/2017 leatrice linden Selling Loom Gilmore Weave Width:54 inches Shafts:8 Perry, Maine 2500 Excellent This unique loom was made by Mr. Gilmore in 1965, two sectional beams, 16 treadles, 1000 large eye heddles, reeds, loom bench, sectional tensioner. Great for double weaves, rugs, yardage and tapestries. llstudios938@gmail.com
5/2/2017 Ann Boise Selling Loom Kyra Weave Width:48" Shafts:8 Sodus, NY 1200 Excellent Looking to sell a handmade solid cherry Kyra loom. 48" weaving width, 8 harnesses, 10 treadles, jack type mechanism. Bench, reeds, shuttles, etc included. I am near Rochester, NY, will need to pick up. $1200 or best offer. Email me with questions or for more info. annb6682@yahoo.com
4/30/2017 Linda Borntrager Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:60" Shafts:16 Cottage Grove, Oregon 5000 Very Good 60" AVL Compudobby I, pneumatic assist for fly shuttle & advance. Includes: tension box, double fly shuttle, track & mounting, selvage rollers, cog advance, 1 yard sectional beam, overhead beater, revolution counter, one 10 dent reed. Pictures available on request. May sell pneumatic parts without the loom. weavemt@gmail.com
4/30/2017 Linda Borntrager Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:48" Shafts:16 Cottage Grove, Oregon 6500 Very Good 48" AVL A frame compudobby IV, includes: 2 fly shuttles, tension box, track & mounting, auto cloth advance, rotary temple, pressure roller, cloth storage system, selvage rollers, bench, sectional beam 1 yard, overhead beater, revolution counter, 8,10,12 dent reeds. Pictures available on request. weavemt@gmail.com
4/30/2017 Linda Borntrager Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:60 Shafts:16 Cottage Grove, Oregon 7500 Very Good 60" AVL A frame, includes: compudobby IV, 4 fly shuttles, tension box, track & mounting, auto advance, rotary temple, pressure roller, cloth storage system, selvage rollers, sectional beam 1 yard, 4 box overhead beater, revolution counter, texlov heddles, 10 & 12 dent reeds. Pictures available on request. weavemt@gmail.com
4/30/2017 Linda Sherman Selling Loom Toika Weave Width:120 cm (47 1/4") Shafts:12 Olympia, WA 3200 Excellent TOIKA Liisa Countermarch Loom 48" 12 Shaft 12 Treadle, Like New Condition. Weaving Width: 120 cm (47 1/4"), Full Width of Loom: 157 cm (62"), Depth of Loom: 136 cm (53.5"), Height of Loom: 165 cm (65"). Light Finnish Birch Wood. Includes: Overhead Beater Kit, Reed, Texsolv for tie up, 2 Shuttles, Raddle, Bench, and Warping Sticks lsherm@gmail.com
4/30/2017 Daniel Garver Seeking (want-ad) Loom Cranbrook, Macomber, Schacht, or Leclerc Weave Width:up to 72" Shafts:8 Houston, Dallas 1972 Good Looking for floor and or tapestry looms by Cranbrook, Schacht, Macomber, or LeClerc (but am flexible). Please contact me and we can discuss what you are looking to sell. garverstudio@gmail.com
4/26/2017 Michelle Grant Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:15 Shafts:4 Goffstown, NH 300 Good Schacht 15", 4 harness table loom with a new SS 12 dent reed. Plenty of heddles on each shaft, works great. Looking to upgrade to a larger loom. Located in Southern NH, email for pictures mygrantnh@yahoo.com
4/25/2017 Barbara Mauger Selling Weaving bench Handmade Weave Width: Shafts: Rochester, NY 200 Excellent This beautiful handmade bench is a dark wood--perhaps walnut (I'm not an expert on different woods). The bench is sturdy and very well-made, in excellent condition. It is 37" wide and 22" high. bmauger@rochester.rr.com
4/25/2017 Barbara Mauger Selling Loom Structo Weave Width:20 Shafts:4 Rochester, NY 190 Good This is a 4-shaft wooden Structo loom with 20" weaving width. It includes lease sticks, a 10 dent reed, and a boat shuttle with 1 bobbin. It is a great portable table loom in good working order. Picture available upon request. bmauger@rochester.rr.com
4/25/2017 Gretchen A Green Selling Loom Kromski Weave Width:24" Shafts:N/A Gold Beach, Oregon 600 New Selling: Kromski 24" Rigid Heddle tabletop with floor stand, tote bag, stick shuttle, 8 and 10 dent reeds, warping table peg and pegs for reverse side of loom for warping, pick up stick, lacing string, warp helper (for tying on). New. (I now have a 4-harness Kessenich). I can email pictures. Willing to consider trading for a Gilmore 30+", 8 harness, floor loom and cash. Buyer to pay shipping and crating. Willing to consider delivery if within reasonable distance from Gold Beach, OR. grgreen2002@q.com
4/25/2017 Rebecca Christianson Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Escanaba, Michigan 500 Very Good 45" weaving width with a 12 dent reed. Loom is in great working order, sturdy, reliable work horse. Comes with warp tension setup for ease of dressing. 500$ OBO rebecca.christianson@yahoo.com
4/23/2017 John Caudle Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:40 Shafts:16 Davidson, North Carolina 2000 Good AVL folding dobby loom, 40" weaving width, 16 harnesses, flying shuttle. Was operated with computer-dobby. Computer-dobby has been removed for moving. Good condition. hortenvironmental@yahoo.com
4/23/2017 Price Story Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:48" Shafts:4 Asheville area, NC 2500 Very Good 1970s used maple Macomber add a harness. Has 4 harness, can go up to 10. Always stored inside, in great condition. Several reeds, additional heddles, and other odds and ends included. p_story@bellsouth.net
4/23/2017 Judy Hilbish Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:15.5 inches Shafts:12 Sun Valley, NV 750 Excellent Slightly used Dorothy table loom, 12 shafts, 31 in long, 18 in tall, weaves 15.5 in wide. Shafts are in groups of 4 and can be removed when fewer shafts are desired using the shorter extensions on the side (included). Comes with 2 reeds (10 dpi & 12 dpi), steel heddles, and instructions. Folds down when using one 4-shaft section. $750.00 ($1330 new!). lizardhiss@gmail.com
4/21/2017 Sheri Ortlieb Selling Loom extension and drawloom attachment Glimakra Weave Width: Shafts: Denver, CO 1100 Excellent 150 cm (60") Glimakra standard loom extension plus Myrehed shaft drawloom attachment with 21 pattern shafts, expandable to 50. All equipment is like new - purchased new in August 2016 for $1900. Recently purchased a separate loom dedicated to drawloom weaving so these items are no longer needed for the Glimakra. The weights and pattern heddles are not included. sortlieb@comcast.net
4/19/2017 Renee Alaksa Seeking (want-ad) Sectional Warp Beam 45" LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 1 Very Good I am looking for a 45" sectional warp beam 1 or 2" to replace the handmade one on my Leclerc loom. Reneezd@me.com
4/18/2017 Sarah Alexander Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Charlotte, NC 1800 Excellent I am selling my 36" Harrisville Floor Loom that is in excellent condition. I am happy to send photos of the loom for any inquiries. I also have a LeClerc storage bench and other weaving items if interested. This loom needs a good home. sarah@freerangebrewing.com
4/13/2017 Deb Cohen Seeking (want-ad) Loom Dorset Weave Width:0 Shafts:4 Philadelphia, PA 400 Excellent I am new to weaving and am most interested in buying a Dorset, which I have used in class, or a Schacht, which has been highly recommended to me. If you are in the greater Philly region and have a loom to sell, please contact me. thecohenmail@gmail.com
4/13/2017 Carol Gag Selling Loom bench with canvas side pockets Maple bench Weave Width: Shafts: Phoenix,Arizona 125 Very Good Gentle used loom bench, maple cwelckle@yahoo.com
4/13/2017 Carol Gag Selling Loom bench Maple loom bench Weave Width: Shafts: Phoenix, Az 125 Excellent Nice bench, has 2 side pockets can be attached to bench for heddles or tools. cwelckle@yahoo.com
4/13/2017 Carol Gag Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:48 inches Shafts:4 Phoenix, Arizona 600 Excellent Gently used. Like new condition cwelckle@yahoo.com
4/12/2017 Sally Eagon Seeking (want-ad) Loom Studio of handicrafts, Tarzana CA Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Wilmington, NC 9999999 Very Good I would like to add four more shafts, looking to purchase all parts needed to do so. seagon2@yahoo.com
4/12/2017 Betty Nezerka Seeking (want-ad) Loom Newcomb Weaver's Delight Weave Width:0 Shafts:4 Midwest states, Iowa 300 Very Good Seeking a good, operating, Newcomb Weaver's Delight complete, in the Midwest states, preferably that has been in the family source -or 2nd or 3rd owner, wonderful if warped up even if nearly out. Most interested in the use of treadle-less cam system and automatic advance features (over the fly shuttle feature). I missed 2 perfect opportunities of exactly what I seek. Hoping there is another one waiting for me. littlecastlebrook@gmail.com
4/11/2017 Mary Frazier Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Braintree, MA 950 Very Good 40" collapsible Harrisville Loom, 4 harness, 6 treadle, work bench and tray, three reeds, 8 boat shuttles, 10yd. warping board, bobbin winder, 15 bobbins, two 30gal. tubs of yarns, 36 books on weaving, 20yrs of weaving magazines. Will sell items separately, if desired. msfrazier@beld.net
4/11/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Columbiana, Ohio 495 Excellent Leclerc floor loom, Fanny, excellent sturdy loom for rugs or fine weaving, folds in rear for transporting, has a sticker saying "design award". 6 treadle 4Harness, very nice wood, crank handle on back beam, already warped. lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/11/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Structo Weave Width:20" Shafts:4 Columbiana, Ohio 425 Excellent Very sturdy table loom, weaves 20", 4 Harness. Label missing. lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/11/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Clement Weave Width:24" Shafts:4 Columbiana,Ohio 495 Excellent Clement table loom with bottom levers which are very handy to use. Weaves 24", very sturdy loom which is quite rare to find lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/11/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:15 3/4" Shafts:8 Columbiana, Ohio 775 New New Leclerc Dorothy 8 H table loom complete with heddles, 2 cranks,cord,2 four section Harness pieces so you can arrange with the levers on either side, stainless steel screws, instructions lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/11/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling 72 spool Spool rack Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana, Ohio 185 Very Good Store 72 spools on this rack, use for sectional warping, all 3 sections pivot for ease in removing and replacing spools. Very nice condition. lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/4/2017 Theresa Ryan Selling Weaving temple Toika Weave Width: Shafts: Wingdale, New York 60 New Brand new Toika metal temple - 24" to 37". Used only a couple of times. Asking $60 - includes shipping. Email me for photo. treese1024@optimum.net
4/3/2017 Linda Wollowitz Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:26 Inches Shafts:8 Syracuse, NY 1400 Excellent Baby Wolf loom, many extra heddles, high castle with storage box on top, clamp on lamp, paddle, front trap for scissors and other weaving tools, shuttles, bobbins, cones available at rock bottom prices. Must sell, moving to a small apartment from large house. NO ROOM. You pick up. lpwollowitz@gmail.com
3/31/2017 Cheryl Tarnofsky Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Los Angeles, CA 1900 Excellent Schacht Mighty Wolf folding floor loom in excellent condition, all the original equipment included. Schacht 14 yard warping board, Schacht bobbin winder, 2 shuttles (1 Schacht wooden, 1 LeClerc plastic), 4 bobbins, Swift and ball winder, Two boxes of beautiful yarn, 12 dent reed. It's all here in one place, you won't have to go around to different websites and stores to get all the necessary equipment, the loom alone without taxes and shipping is $2,300. Price is somewhat negotiable. cheryltarnofsky@gmail.com
3/30/2017 Adele Anderson Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Fredericksburg, Virginia 1 Good ISO used Schacht Baby Wolf 4 shaft, 36" floor loom in good to excellent condition. Would pick up within a 100 mile radius of Fredericksburg, VA (Richmond, Northern VA, Charlottesville, etc.) or 100 mile radius of Monterey, VA (Staunton, VA; Elkins, WV; Franklin, WV; etc.) jrajr@earthlink.net
3/30/2017 Terri Sanders Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford Weave Width:16 or under Shafts:8 Boise, Idaho 500 Good Looking for a table loom for workshops, etc. Would prefer Ashford or Schacht. duckgirlterri@msn.com
3/25/2017 Julie Rosenwinkel Selling Loom Kessenich Weave Width:36 inch Shafts:4 Herbster, Wisconsin 1000 Very Good http://www.kessenichlooms.com/ I am selling my 4 harness 36 inch Oak Kessenich floor loom. annrose@cheqnet.net
3/24/2017 Ilaria Papini Selling Loom Cranbrook Weave Width:72 Shafts:8 Brooklyn, NY 4000 Excellent Perfect condition countermarche loom, plus: 8 shafts, 10 treadles, bench, many texsolv heddles, shuttles of different sizes and styles, warping reel, beater weight. Accessories: fabric strip cutter, magic rope machine, threading hook, bobbin-warping frame, raddle, temples, a variety of reeds, various lease sticks, dowels, giant roll of cardboard to put btw layers of warp, rag strips, some 8/4 cotton/linen warp, several weaving books, anti-skid sisal rug. ipturtle@gmail.com
3/24/2017 Candice Ball Seeking (want-ad) Rotary Temple Fireside Weave Width: Shafts: Muskoka, Ontario 1 Good I am looking for a rotary temple to fit my 36 inch Leclerc Mira of a very mature age. Or my slightly younger Mira that is a 45 inch width. Either one. If you are looking to get rid of your rotary temple please send me an email about it. I can't find one anywhere!! candicedball@gmail.com
3/23/2017 19:44:56 Scott Dolphin Selling Loom J Made Weave Width:48+/- Shafts:16 Ithaca, NY 3600 Excellent Cherry J Made, 16 shafts with worm drive and double back beam, excellent condition. Bungee cord tie-ups, worm drive to control tension and very generous shed. The price includes the piano bench, 10 assorted reeds, warping board, several weaving toys and assorted fancy yarns. 60" wide x 67" deep to the 1st back beam (the 2nd beam adds 6") by about 60" high. Great for double weave projects and strong enough for rug or tapestry work. scottdolphin1@aol.com
3/22/2017 19:58:22 Gerry Ehlich Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:15 3/4" Shafts:4 Roscoe, NY 350 Very Good Nilus Leclerc Dorothy 4 harness table loom. Size 15 3/4" - asking $350. This is a great table top loom for beginners, hobbyists, schools, or testing patterns before weaving on a full size loom. More detailed information about the Dorothy can be found here: http://www.camillavalleyfarm.com/weave/dorothy.htm Folds for easy shipping or transportation. Buyer to pick up or pay for shipping + insurance. RsdLoom@gmail.com
3/22/2017 19:54:23 Gerry Ehlich Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Roscoe, NY 2750 Excellent Macomber Ad-A-Harness B5, Serial #6820 Saugus, Mass. .AD-A-CAD/CAM SYSTEMS 4 harnesses (more can be added, standard 10 harness frame) Natural Maple Finish 40 inch Reed. The shed mechanism is a push-up rising shed type pioneered by Macomber. The pedals are hinged at the front to facilitate folding. Six Treadles. Buyer responsible for pick-up or shipping cost. Includes Shuttle, wool winder, warping frame, bench, weaving manuals. RsdLoom@gmail.com
3/20/2017 Heather Giunta Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:36? Shafts:4 Cape Girardeau, MO 1800 Very Good This is a Harrisville Designs Loom with what looks like model number 04456, it has 6 treadles and I believe it to be a 36" loom. My grandparents wanted to sell it and I'm posting it here in the hopes that someone local to them can pick it up-- On the Harrisville Designs website lists this loom for $1960 and there is also a bench listed for $325. Please don't hesitate to call for a pick up time and location or for other questions. key2h@yahoo.com
3/20/2017 Stephanie Roman Selling Warping Mill LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Chicago, IL 300 Very Good Leclerc Warping Mill Floor Model. Warps up to 50 yards. Approx. 68"H x 59"W. Includes 2 Cross Bars and 6 Pegs. Local pick up in Chicago or you arrange shipping. grumpycrafts@yahoo.com
3/19/2017 Carol Wilkinson Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60 Shafts:16 Kennewick, WA 3500 Excellent Leclerc Nilart 60" weaving width jack loom, 16 shafts. $3,500. Very versatile wide loom with accessories, all in excellent condition. Sectional back beam, large Leclerc bench, 6 reeds, raddle, lease sticks, 2 aprons, shaft weights, and added castle tray. Rear-mounted, spring-loaded treadles aid in lifting multiple tie-ups. Wire heddles. Space-saving folding back beam section. Very sturdy. Good for rugs, fine linens, and multi-shaft double weave. Buyer must pick-up or arrange for shipping. wilkinsoncarol5@gmail.com
3/16/2017 Danielle Main Selling Loom Glimakra Weave Width:63" Shafts:8 Auburn, NY 3500 Excellent Glimakra Standard loom with bench and plenty of accessories pipenstrings@gmail.com
3/15/2017 Nancy Kohl Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Edwardsburg, Michigan 550 Very Good Nilus Leclerc floor loom. 4 harness, 6 treadles. A link can be emailed to you containing pictures from several angles. Contact: nancyannkohl@gmail.com nancyannkohl@gmail.com
3/13/2017 Lynn Blake Selling Warping Board Glimakra Weave Width: Shafts: Rhoadesville, Va 70 Excellent I THINK this is a Glimakra warping board, it does 13 yards. In excellent condition, disassembles easily if someone wants to pay shipping. blakeld@yahoo.com
3/13/2017 Alyce Quinn Seeking (want-ad) Book Sixty Scarves for 60 Years Weave Width: Shafts: Wirtz, VA 30 Good Looking for a copy of the book Sixty Scarves for 60 Years. twoquinns@yahoo.com
3/9/2017 Melissa OBrien Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:Baby Wolf - 26" width Shafts:4 Elizabethton, TN 1800 Very Good Baby Wolf 4H loom. Well used and loved. In good working order. Includes wolf trap, warping board, reed and heddle hooks, over 500 heddles, 8 and 10 dent reeds. You pick up or arrange shipping. In East Tennessee. lizziemissy604@yahoo.com
3/8/2017 P Hollen Seeking (want-ad) Rigid Heddle Loom Various Weave Width: Shafts: SC, Arizona 1 Very Good I am looking for a used Rigid Heddle Loom. My first choices is a 15" folding loom that allows for a second heddle. As price is an issue, I would be willing to consider other options. However, I do need to stay in the 15"-16" range. gphollen@me.com
3/5/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Shuttle Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana , Ohio 39 Excellent 3 shuttles: (1) rag shuttle that hold 2 plastic spools with 3 extra spools $39 plus postage....15" length..made by JL Hammett. (2) Side feed 15" boat shuttle with 5" bobbin open bottom and wheels..can take 6" bobbin $39 plus postage. (3) Schacht side feed 15"" boat shuttle with 6" bobbin open bottom $39 plus postage. lambrugs@yahoo.com
3/5/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Shuttles Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 15 Very Good 3 vintage end feed shuttles, each has its own pirn. $15 each plus postage......fur lined to reduce static electricity. 17" long...the top of each has a cherry? Red wood. Really nice pieces. Pirns are 7 1/2 " long ...base is approx 7/8"... widest part of wood approx 1 1/8". Price $2.50 each....several available. lambrugs@yahoo.com
3/5/2017 Elaine Nichols Seeking (want-ad) 16" stand Kromski Weave Width: Shafts: Norfolk, VA 23504 Negotiable Good Looking for a 16" stand for my new Kromski 16" Harp rigid heddle loom. lanie@cox.net
3/3/2017 Craig Harbison Selling Loom Oregon Trail Weave Width:44" Shafts:4 Veneta, Oregon 750 Excellent A great loom from the late 70's or early 80's, all Maple, in immaculate condition. An "X" type frame with a sectional warp. $750. located in Veneta, Oregon. craig.harbison@gmail.com
3/3/2017 Marie Yam Seeking (want-ad) Loom Unspecified Weave Width:36+ Shafts:8 Dallas, TX 1 Good Looking for an 8+ shaft floor loom. Willing to travel 4-6 hr radius from Dallas. cmarieyam@gmail.com
3/2/2017 Julie Paterson Selling Loom Robert Elbe Weave Width:20 Shafts:4 Tallahassee, Florida 600 Very Good 4 shaft floor loom made from black walnut by Robert Elbe of North Carolina based on the Dorset loom design. Weaving width of 20". Comes with over 500 metal heddles, lease sticks and a 12 dent reed. Nice loom, folds to 12" deep by 43.5" tall by 29" wide for storage. Open it sits 32.5" deep, 29" wide and 38" tall. Four Treadles. Great for workshops. Cash only. Pick up only. juliepaterson@comcast.net
2/28/2017 Nancy D Jones Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford Weave Width:any Shafts:4 Monroe, OH 150 Very Good I would so love to find a nice used Ashford Rigid Heddle loom with stand. Nothing pricey please. I am a newbie and would love to learn! ddjones768@yahoo.com
2/26/2017 Penny McCallister Selling Loom Handmade Weave Width:50 Shafts:8 Albuquerque, NM 1200 Very Good Wooden weaving loom, 50", 8 shaft, 10 treadle. In good condition. It has a few bumps and bruises from being moved and used, but in excellent working condition. Comes with a bench, 50" 12 dent reed, many extras. We can deliver locally. mariquita600@yahoo.com
2/26/2017 Meagan Zareno Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:23" Shafts:4 Long island, New York 250 Good Lovely 4 shaft floor loom. Works great! 27" wide and Folds up to 11 inches deep meaganzareno@gmail.com
2/23/2017 Ann Taylor Seeking (want-ad) Loom AVL Weave Width:40-50" Shafts:16+ midwest N/A good Hoping to find a reasonalble AVL loom, large enough for blankets. Willing to look at whatever you're selling in this ballpark. Please send pictures and your asking price. warpedweaver@yahoo.com
2/22/2017 LuAnn Krengle Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:0 Shafts:4 New Boston, Illinois 600 Good This loom was my Mothers. She bought it new in 1956. It has a spool rack with some spools and other spools extra. It is in good condition but has been stored for many years. Can't deliver. Am moving and have no room to store it any longer. sandbur44@frontiernet.net
2/22/2017 Peggy Eller Seeking (want-ad) Loom Dorset Weave Width:20 Shafts:4 Ashland,Ohio 500 Very Good looking for a small Dorset loom for demos. will pay shipping if need so or can pick up with reasonable driving distance. Would like to retire demo loom i have now getting older and need something easier to move around theweaversbeam@zoominternet.net
2/22/2017 Connie Stegink Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:0 Shafts:N/A Byron Center, Michigan 75 Excellent New Inkle loom. Never used 8 dowels. I don't have any experience with this kind of loom can answer questions and try and get pictures. cspinahorse@Gmail.com
2/22/2017 Connie Stegink Selling Loom Spriggs 7' Adjustable loom with stand Weave Width:0 Shafts:N/A Byron Center, Michigan 400 New New in box. Walnut finish . Can view pictures at Hillside fiber studio. cspinahorse@gmail.com
2/18/2017 Miriam Rosenblatt Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford Weave Width:8-12" Shafts:N/A Cleveland, OH 125 Good I am looking for a used rigid heddle loom, price negotiable depending on condition and age. Width and brand are flexible. mwrosenblatt@yahoo.com
2/17/2017 Eileen Wirsig Selling Loom Cranbrook Weave Width:45" Shafts:8 Murray, KY USA 3000 Excellent Cranbrook Loom + Vertical Warping Mill. JP Bexell J458375-1765. Have all parts for 7 harness. Loom is an 8 harness. Loom has overhead beater. Price Negotiable. wirsigcpa@yahoo.com
2/16/2017 dianne noe Selling Spinning Wheel Ashford Weave Width: Shafts: Indianapolis, IN 650 Excellent An electric Ashford Country wheel. Huge bobbin and orifice . Uses a Tough leather drive band. Variable speed and reverse control . Long cord for power. Lightly used, and works well. Pick up only ( Indianapolis, IN ) Will drive 90 minutes out of Indy to meet you. Will send pictures if interested. diannenoe@att.net
2/15/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Warping mill Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana , Ohio 375 Very Good Very large warping mill....152 circumference...verity all on stand...lifts out of frame lambrugs@yahoo.com
2/11/2017 Patricia Hardie Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford Weave Width:16 or 20 Shafts:N/A Ottawa, ON, Canada 2 Very Good Ashford, Schacht, Leclerc, or ... rigid heddle or knitters' loom, 16-24" pathardie@teksavvy.com
2/11/2017 Norma McClean Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:26" Shafts:8 Tehachapi, CA 1500 Good 8 harness Schacht Baby Wolf available. Has been in storage for 10+ years and now I am moving out of state.  May need some adjustments and replacement of a few heddles and treadle ropes, but still in working condition. 0417jean@gmail.com
2/10/2017 Barb Zach Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:15" Shafts:4 Lincoln, Nebraska 150 Good 4 harness 15" Leclerc table loom. Both aprons recently replaced. In good working condition. bjbzach@yahoo.com
2/10/2017 Barb Zach Selling Loom Rug loom Weave Width:39" Shafts:4 Lincoln, Nebraska 400 Very Good 4 harness 39" floor loom. It is an old rug loom and is in very good working condition. All cords have been replaced. I recently wove on it and it worked just fine. Comes with 2 reeds, a spool rack and 2 large shuttles. Asking $400. bjbzach@yahoo.com
2/9/2017 Karen Harmin Seeking (want-ad) Loom Any manufacturer Weave Width:Any Shafts:16 Massachusetts, New England 600 Excellent Looking for a 16-shaft TABLE LOOM -- NOT a floor loom. harmin.karen@gmail.com
2/8/2017 Jeanine Koch Selling Spinning Wheel Ashford Weave Width: Shafts: 1000 Oaks, California 400 Very Good Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel with 3 bobbins and niddy noddy and green carry bag. jeaninekoch@gmail.com
2/6/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Warping mill/reel Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana , Ohio 350 Very Good Horizontal reel...Unknown maker..large reel...make long warps. 72" circumference...brake on frame...crank handle...very nice piece,turns very smoothly. Reel lifts off frame. lambrugs@yahoo.com
2/5/2017 Lisa Irwin Seeking (want-ad) Warping Board Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: Los angeles, California 70 Very Good Looking for a lightly used or in good condition warping board. Must be in usable condition. lisaanneirwin@gmail.com
4/3/2017 Linda Wollowitz Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:26 Inches Shafts:8 Syracuse, NY 1400 Excellent Baby Wolf loom, many extra heddles, high castle with storage box on top, clamp on lamp, paddle, front trap for scissors and other weaving tools, shuttles, bobbins, cones available at rock bottom prices. Must sell, moving to a small apartment from large house. NO ROOM. You pick up. lpwollowitz@gmail.com
1/30/2017 Christy Smith Selling Flyshuttle, end feed AVL Weave Width: Shafts: Saint George, UT 125 Excellent Dimensions (L x H x D) Flyshuttle: 15 1/4 in. x 1 3/8 in. x 1 5/8 in. (standard sized shuttle). The AVL flyshuttlle is fitted with polished steel tips, so it easily divides a warp, making it faster through the shed and less likely to derail or break ends. Gently used, in like new condition. cboyslim18@gmail.com
1/30/2017 Sheree W Sorrells Selling Loom Cranbrook Weave Width:72" Shafts:4 Asheville , NC 4500 Excellent "It's a Cranbrook" says it all. A majestic tool. Loom is in excellent condition. Easy to assemble, easy to operate. 4 shafts, 6 treadles. Please email or call Sheree at 828-400-3036 for more information. Loom is in storage currently, otherwise I would have photos. I have TWO OF THESE LOOMS. EXACT SAME MODELS. Interchangeable components. Purchase both for $8000. tablemats@gmail.com
1/24/2017 Debbie Gorham Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Portland, OR 1172 Excellent Beautiful, solid-maple Harrisville Designs 36" floor loom. Just a few years old in "like new" condition. Cost new was $2,344. 36" weaving width; 4-shaft/6-treadle; high castle with storage tray; approximately 600 wire heddles; 8-dent reed; boat shuttle; tensioning device; booklets that came with the loom. dlgorham@frontier.com
1/22/2017 Lanelle Tausendfreund Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:20" Shafts:N/A St Catharines, Ontario, Canada 100 Very Good 20" wide weaving space standing floor loom. This Loom is very easy to use and can be stored easily. ltausendfreund@cogeco.ca
1/22/2017 Lanelle Tausendfreund Selling Loom Herald Weave Width:45" Shafts:6 St Catharines, Ontario, Canada 450 Very Good Herald 45" Weaving Loom, Four header, 6 Treadle. Includes assorted Shuttles, more photos available upon request. ltausendfreund@cogeco.ca
1/22/2017 Lanelle Tausendfreund Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:45" Shafts:N/A St Catharines, Ontario, Canada 850 Very Good LeClerc Gobelin 45" weaving loom. Assorted shuttles included. A very simple loom, completely vertical. Material is stretched from one beam to the other, like the tapestry made in the "Gobelin" school in Paris. This standard loom does not have any beater nor shaft and is used for warp tapestry weaving with string heddles or finger manipulation. ltausendfreund@cogeco.ca
1/15/2017 Julie Rea Selling Loom Glimakra Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 Martin, Tennessee 3900 Very Good Glimakra 48" 8-H countermarche, expandable to 10H, excellent condition. Includes two boat shuttles (one MIB), two Swedish winders with quills and bobbins. Also stadia loom feet, warping board, bench, and extras (books and a linen warp already on the back ready to tie on). $3900 firm. It is housed in a private room at www.Chamomilehouse415.com. You are welcome to be my guest at the BNB when you come to pick up the loom. More pictures available: and I will help you disassemble and mark it for reassembly. Call or email with questions - Julielrea@me.com or 731-504-8380. julielrea@me.com
1/12/2017 Sharon Mease Selling Loom Union Weave Width:36 inch Shafts:2 Osceola Mills, PA 375 Very Good Union 36" lovingly restored. New reed and heddles. Weaves scarves to rugs. Includes threading guides and hook. Shuttles 4 large, 2small handmade s_mease46@yahoo.com
1/11/2017 Lynette Glass Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:96 Shafts:8 Amity, Arkansas 4500 Excellent AVL mechanical dobby rug loom with 2" sectional back beam, tension box rail, air-assist pedals operate shafts and sliding weighted beater. Email for photos. meglass@gmail.com
1/10/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Glimakra Weave Width:0 Shafts:N/A Columbiana,Ohio 90 Excellent Glimakra tapestry loom with tapestry tools. Shipping extra lambrugs@yahoo.com
1/10/2017 Maria Mie Selling Spinning Wheel Kromski Weave Width: Shafts: Chicago, Illinois 550 Excellent Like new Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel for sale. Fully foldable spinning wheel, easy assembly. Comes with three bobbins, threading hook, two containers of spinning wheel oil, and bag. Everything included that came with original packaging. Bought for about $800, selling for $550. Pictures available. Local pick up or shipping at the expense of buyer. minezmie@gmail.com
1/9/2017 Noelle Sharp Seeking (want-ad) Loom Gilmore Weave Width:40"+ Shafts:6 Salt Lake City, Utah 800 Good I am looking to purchase a Gilmore Loom, at least 40" weaving width. Would prefer 6 or more harnesses but 4 would work as well. Thank you! aportashop@gmail.com
1/8/2017 Patricia Wronsky Selling Spools for sectional warping rack Plastic AVL and Cardboard Weave Width: Shafts: Seattle, WA 100 Excellent 20 plastic and 52 cardboard spools for sectional warping rack. $100 plus shipping pwronsky@hotmail.com
1/8/2017 Kim Milliken Selling Loom Hearld Weave Width:40" Shafts:4 Coalton, Ohio 1500 Excellent I have a beautiful, fully functional HERALD RUG LOOM for sale. It is gently used plus, I have yarn, a bench, a rack another piece and tools to go with it. I am asking $1,500 for it, and, if you would like to look at it, call me. 740-418-6293.........All offers will be considered but please, only serious inquiries! Kimberly.milliken@yahoo.com
1/7/2017 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Shuttles Different brands Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 25 Excellent Various sizes,various brands... boat, stick, rag, swords, tapestry lambrugs@yahoo.com
1/4/2017 Traci Joy Burleigh Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht Weave Width:36-48" Shafts:8 Bay Area, CA 1500 or more Very Good Wanting to get back into weaving. Had a Mighty Wolf at one point and loved it. Open to Leclerc, and other compact options. Sectional beam a plus. Will take bench, shuttles, etc. Can pay more than $1500 depending on package available. tjb9@mac.com
1/3/2017 Patricia March Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Friendship, Maine 2800 Very Good Harrisville 36", 4-H, with bench, upper tool tray, 5 reeds, umbrella swift, bobbin winder, 7 boat shuttles, warping board, raddle, tensioning device and 200 inserted eye heddles. Also including yarn, weaving books and patterns. Located mid-coast Maine. Phone 207-354-7145 ottercovequilts@yahoo.com
12/31/2016 Claudia Krisniski Selling Loom Ashford Weave Width:24" Shafts:4 Hudson, New York 999 Excellent This Ashford loom is 24" with 4 shafts, texsolve heddles, it separates into a table loom if desired, making it portable for classes. Second back beam to allow for many colored warps, and in fact there is a project on it right now that COULD go with it if the buyer and I agree on the same price. I bought a bigger loom to replace this after using it for 10 years. It sells for $1375 + the $95 back beam brand new + beautiful wood shuttle. countrywool@gmail.com
12/29/2016 Mary Ebert Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:26 Shafts:4 South Jordan, Utah 1000 Excellent Beautiful Baby Wolf loom. 4 harness loom. 26" weaving width. Folds to a depth of 18″. Selling because I now have an 8 harness loom. Includes: 2 reeds, 1 boat shuttle w/2 bobbins, 1 castle, Wolf stroller. mary.1821@gmail.com
12/29/2016 Mary Ebert Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:24 Shafts:8 South Jordan, Utah 900 Good 24 inch weaving width, but only includes a 20 inch reed. 8 harnesses, B5 AD-A-Harness, Includes 2 boat shuttles. Email me for pictures. mary.1821@gmail.com
12/29/2016 Nan Hartmann Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36 Shafts:8 New York, NY 1250 Excellent LeClerc Nilus floor loom in excellent condition, barely used, 8 harnesses 10 treadles. 36" weaving width, inserted eye heddles, canvas apron. You can make scarfs, shawls, table runners, or rugs on this beautiful loom from one of the best manufacturers. I am moving and have to downsize so am sadly parting with this one. $1,250 obo. Pick-up only. Pictures available upon request. nannan@gmail.com
12/28/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Harry M Fraser Strip Cutter Fraser cutter Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana, Ohio 135 Very Good This Cutter has a very sharp blade...cuts right through the wool. Plus postage. Call 330.457.7551 with questions lambrugs@yahoo.com
12/26/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:22" Shafts:4 Columbiana, Ohio 625 Very Good Compact size for a small area, workshop loom, or for a beginner. Must pick up . 12 minutes from exit 232 of Ohio Turnpike lambrugs@yahoo.com
12/25/2016 Helaine Miller Seeking (want-ad) 22" reed for LeClerc Meco table loom (or compatible) LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240 1 Very Good I just purchased a new to me LeClerc Meco table loom that weaves 22", but there were no reeds with the loom. I am looking to buy either a new or a good used condition reed, preferably a 10, 12, or 15 dent reed. hedgewytche@hotmail.com
12/20/2016 Conley Kinkead Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60 Shafts:4 Baltimore, Maryland 1200 Good 60" LeClerc Mira counterbalance loom with flying shuttle beater. Includes bench, multiple reeds, lease sticks, flying shuttle beater, shed regulator, sectional warp beam, and other accessories for weaving. Please email for photos. ckinkead@gmail.com
12/17/2016 Kerry Kelly Selling Loom Cranbrook Weave Width:48" Shafts:4 St. Paul, MN 3000 Excellent Cranbrook Countermarche loom: 4 harness, 48" 12 dent reed, polyester heddles 12". Included: warping board, 16 warp separator sticks, 2 lease sticks, instructions. If purchased and picked up by Dec. 23, $500 discount. Purchased in 1995 for $4,595. H 67-70", W 70", D 68" Weight 460 LB. More pictures sent upon request for more information. KELLYKOENEN@MSN.COM
12/13/2016 Tara Mills Selling Loom Louet Weave Width:27 inch/ 70cm Shafts:8 Nova Scotia, Canada 2000 Excellent Excellent condition with lots of extras. Email for photos. I am willing to ship but buyer will pay shipping costs. tbemills@yahoo.ca
12/11/2016 18:11:24 Sherilyn Dodge Selling Spinning Wheel Roberta Electric Weave Width: Shafts: Streetman, Texas 850 Excellent $850 for Roberta Electric Spinning Wheel. It comes with standard 3 bobbins, orifice hook, extra drive band, carrying bag, and the dual power output (120 volt and 12 volt). ALSO, I am including a Woolee Winder, a $225 value. New Roberta's sell for $1000+, so you are getting a great deal! I am the 3rd owner of this wheel since it was purchased new and know each owner and its history -- it's been well cared for. I will ship for actual shipping charges. PayPal, money order, or charge card (+3%) sdodge@dodgeranch.com
12/8/2016 Amy Fitch Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:32" Shafts:4 Tucson, AZ 900 Very Good This Macomber B5B 32" weaving loom is a family heirloom but we are downsizing and just don't have room for it anymore. It is a 10 harness capacity, 4 harnesses included. It has been stored inside in a temperature and humidity controlled environment in a non-smoking home. To buy this loom with its included accessories would cost well over $4,000, but we are only asking $900 OBO. It is 44" wide, 41" deep unfolded, 25" deep when folded, and 49.5" high. This must sell, make me an offer! amyfitch4@gmail.com
12/8/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Tension box LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 70 Very Good Leclerc tension box for warping, clamps on beam, plus shipping lambrugs@yahoo.com
12/8/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Warping board LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 50 Very Good Can be shipped disassembled or pickup lambrugs@yahoo.com
12/8/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Leclerc raddle LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 25 Excellent Leclerc raddle...keep threads in order while you thread lambrugs@yahoo.com
12/8/2016 Vicky Eddy Selling Loom Newcomb #3 Weave Width:36 Shafts:2 Waverly, WV 250 Needs Work This is a Newcomb #3 loom. It has a serial number and can be registered. I know that they stopped making these looms in 1930 so that gives you an idea of its age. This is a flyshuttle loom. It is in good shape but I know that it needs a brake. Other than that I'm not sure that it needs anything else. I also have the spool rack the cylinders the cylinder filling machine and a copy of the instruction manual. I can not deliver. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you. v_mcclung@yahoo.com
12/4/2016 Gayll Phifer-Houseman Selling Warping Mill Beka Weave Width: Shafts: San Jose, CA 200 Excellent Vintage tabletop warping mill (circa 1980, I believe it is a Beka that is no longer manufactured). Crossbeams: 27x 27, frame: 19 x19, stands 26.5" tall. Should warp at least 20 yards. Has ball bearings in base and runs smoothly. In excellent, like new condition. Buyer pays shipping. Asking $200 OBO. GayllPH@gmail.com
12/3/2016 Sylvia Lawrence Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60 Shafts:4 Stoughton, WI 850 Very Good Selling 60 inch Fanny Counterbalance loom. Includes 12 and 15 dent reed, lease sticks, instruction manual, 2 boat shuttles, stick shuttles, rug warp, 2 rag rug books, raddle, and ready to use balls of sheets (for rugs). Weaving bench included. Buyer must pick up. sylvia_h182002@yahoo.com
11/30/2016 Marilyn Burrell Seeking (want-ad) Gilmore Steel Heddles Gilmore Weave Width: Shafts: Harbor City, CA 200 Good I would like to purchase some flat steel Gilmore heddles. I just purchased a Gilmore loom and love the heddles on it and understand they are no longer available thru Gilmore. Any amount is fine. My eyesight is not what it used to be and the larger eye makes it very easy for me to thread. Would appreciate any amount of heddles... mburrell52@gmail.com
11/30/2016 Megan Ogren Selling Weaving Shuttles Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: La Quinta, CA 150 Good 15" Schacht end-feed shuttle with 19 wooden pirns. This shuttle has been used quite a bit and the clear sealer has worn off in places along with some dents. Does not include Allen wrench to adjust tension. Price includes shipping with insurance within the US. International shipping at cost. megan.ogren@gmail.com
11/30/2016 Megan Ogren Selling Weaving Shuttles AVL Weave Width: Shafts: La Quinta, CA 200 Very Good Lot of two AVL end feed shuttles. One is an older shuttle possibly used for silk. Some rust on the metal post tensioners. I don't have instructions for use. Second shuttle is a fly shuttle purchased within the last two years and used for one 4 meter project. There is some minor discoloration along the top back from friction. Each shuttle comes with one plastic AVL pirn. Price includes priority shipping with insurance within US. International shipping available at cost. megan.ogren@gmail.com
11/30/2016 Kathleen Stevens Selling Loom Union Weave Width:45" Shafts:2 Nashville, Indiana 300 Needs Work Two SPECIAL model Union looms. Buy both for $500 or just one for $300. Solid maple, solid cast iron gears for very tight tension if needed. Need cleaning. One has shuttle shelf that holds 8 shuttles. One could use newer heddles. Excellent for low tapestry weaving, rugs, linens, blankets, fabric, afghans etc. On ground floor for easy pickup. Original Union booklet (ca. 1929). hera@ccrtc.com
11/29/2016 Donna McGinnis Selling Spinning Wheel Lendrum Weave Width: Shafts: Leechburg, Pa 1500 Very Good Cherry Saxony Lendrum Wheel. Double drive; double treadle. New drive bands. Includes lazy kate with two bobbins in addition to the bobbin on the wheel. Smooth spinning. Please send your email if interested. I can attach a photo to the email. Having trouble getting photos on phone to the computer. loomhands@yahoo.com
11/29/2016 Carol Bergson Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60" Shafts:8 Seattle, WA 2500 Very Good Nilus 8 harnesses, with space for another 4. Includes a sectional warp beam, fly shuttle, a variety of reeds, assorted other equipment. We have downsized and the new house isn't big enough for my loom. I would happily trade for a 40-45" loom of the same quality. No shipping available. cjbergson@gmail.com
11/28/2016 Savitri Bess Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:22" Shafts:4 Southwest Harbor, Maine 1200 New Nearly new Harrisville floor loom. Only used a few times. Sturdy. Hardwood. 4 harnesses. 6 treadles. Folds with warp on loom. Rollers at one end so you can tuck it into a corner when not in use. I've been weaving for 50 years and this loom is tops. Includes boat shuttle, sley hook, warping board. Pick up or pay for cost of boxing and shipping. savitrib@earthlink.net
11/27/2016 John Finley Seeking (want-ad) mechanical dobby Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Northern CA, 1 Good Looking for a used mechanical dobby to purchase to modify to fit a toika loom solarisfinley@yahoo.com
11/24/2016 Colleen McKay Seeking (want-ad) Loom Louet Weave Width:28" or more Shafts:More than 16 Burlington, Ontario 1000 Very Good I am looking for either a Louet Magic Dobby Loom 24 shaft or a AVL Workshop Dobby Loom 24 Shaft. Please let me know what you are wanting for it. cmckay13@bell.net
11/24/2016 Debra Moriarty Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:39 Shafts:8 Port Republic, MD 800 Good Handsome 60 year old solid handmade loom for sale, 39" weaving width, reed currently installed, 33" 12 dent ,other reeds, 8, 10, 12 and 15 which are 40" All reeds are carbon and need cleaning, some a little and some more. built late 1940's,set up is 54x58" length with a homemade sectional warp beam and worm gear. debra.moriarty@earthlink.net
11/22/2016 Andover-Newton Theological School Selling Loom Hammett Marcoux Weave Width:45" Shafts:4 Newton Centre, MA 700 Good Hammett Marcoux 45" floor loom. 4 harnesses, 6 treadles. Age unknown. Used by students. Photo available upon request. Willing to show during normal business hours, M-F. Newton Centre, MA. PICK-UP ONLY. jhansen@ants.edu
11/16/2016 Debbie Ezersky Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:0 Shafts:N/A Sebastopol, CA 1000 Adequate I have a Macomber add a harness B5 floor loom for sale. djezersky@gmail.com
11/16/2016 Nina Littrell Seeking (want-ad) Loom Unknown Weave Width:around 30 Shafts:8 Kansas City, MO 700 Very Good I am seeking a foldable 8 harness floor loom with around a 30 inch weaving space that is in good condition. I am open to different prices and completely willing to travel mcbabs12@yahoo.com
11/15/2016 Russ Hazy Selling weaving tools Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: Indiana, PA 650 Excellent Weaving Tools for sale: Warping mill, Spool Rack, Bobbin Winder, Boat Shuttles, Other wooden shuttles, Box of bobbins, Box of assorted carpet warp. Also a Fricke Spinning Wheel $650.00 For All. dhazys@yahoo.com
11/13/2016 Jeanie Gulzau Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:0 Shafts:4 Winchester, TN 300 Good Antique 4 harness rug loom. Loom is 33" wide and 52 inches deep. Works and not missing any parts. ejgulzau@bellsouth.net
11/13/2016 Jeanie Gulzau Selling Loom Union Weave Width:36" Shafts:2 Winchester, TN 300 Very Good Union loom #36; actual width of loom is 44". 50 plus years old; great working condition. ejgulzau@bellsouth.net
11/13/2016 Jeanie Gulzau Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60 Shafts:4 Winchester, TN 800 Very Good Nilus Leclerc loom with bench seat; actual loom width is 60"; very good condition and is in working condition. ejgulzau@bellsouth.net
11/13/2016 Bhakti Banning Selling Loom Gene Mailes Flyshuttle Loom Weave Width:64" Shafts:8 Auburn, CA 1500 Needs Work Like loom pictured on cover of Professional Handweaving by Laya Brostoff. Built by her husband Gene Mailes. Double back beam, overhead beater, built in bench. Needs wood refinishing on end of shafts due to water damage in storage; Books, shuttles, bobbins included; must pick-up, Great for tapestry, fabric, large wall pieces. Motivated seller. Best contact via email bhaktiban@gmail.com
11/12/2016 Cynthia Landry Seeking (want-ad) Loom Unknown Weave Width:36-45 Shafts:8 Montreal, Canada 1000 Excellent I am looking for a loom, not too old, excellent condition, with 8 shafts. If possible a Leclerc loom. Thanks! (I am also interested in Schacht Mighty Wolf, Louet David, or LeClerc Artisat) cynthialandry33@gmail.com
11/12/2016 Nancy Inman Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:approx. 36" Shafts:4 Elkhart, Indiana 800 Excellent Nilus LeClerec loom 4 harness, 6 treadles. Approx. 36". Link is to a "shared" Google Drive folder that contains photographs of this LeClerec loom, and also shows a Macomber loom that I have for sale. nancyannkohl@gmail.com
11/11/2016 debra stewart Selling AVL sectional beam AVL Weave Width: Shafts: Brookline, MA 500 Excellent I have a one yard circumference sectional back beam from AVL that I ended up not needing! It was 960.00 new and I am open to 500.00. It must be picked up in the boston area. It comes with all the metal u shaped pieces for 1 to 2 inch sections across. I can be reached at ajstewart@aol.com or 617-731-0941 ajstewart@aol.com
11/11/2016 Rena Porat Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Milwaukee, WI 800 Very Good Wonderful solid 4 harness loom perfect for light to heavy weaving. Includes 2 lease sticks plus 2 reeds: 6 and 12 to the inch. Folds to 25" storage depth. raporat@yahoo.com
11/9/2016 Elli Cohen Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht Weave Width:0 Shafts:8 San Francisco, CA 1500 Very Good 8 harness Schacht Baby Wolf loom - 36 inch or smaller ellilouiscohen@gmail.com
11/8/2016 Jason Buchholtz Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:0 Shafts:N/A Lake Mills, Wisconsin 700 Good Estate find. Prior owner said it's was working good before storage but I'll let you decide. Would be happy to send more pics. jbuchholtz@kmccgolf.com
11/8/2016 Claudia Almansa Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:60 Shafts:16 Montreal, Canada 8500 Excellent AVL Compu-dobby II, 60", 16 harnesses, polyester heddles, open frame, automatic warp tension, automatic cloth storage system, auto advance, box flyshuttle system, bobbin winder, AVL and Leclerc flyshuttle, tension box, raddles, WeavePoint (V6.2) software. All in excellent condition. claudiaalmansa@hotmail.com
11/5/2016 Irene lopez Selling Loom Carol Spriggs Specialty Weave Width:7" Shafts:N/A Miami,fl 450 New Triloom 7" Adjustable many positions, I will include DVD with lessons lopez26270845@gmail.com
11/4/2016 Chriztine Foltz Selling Loom Glimakra Weave Width:46 Shafts:8 Lunenburg, MA 2600 Excellent Sturdy 8H Glimarka, with bench, warping board, 6 & 15 dent reeds (never been used). This loom has been used but cared for and is in great working order. There are slots under the beater to add weights for rug making, but is perfect for all types of weaving. ztine@verizon.net
11/3/2016 Laura Shepherd Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60" Shafts:4 Santa Fe, New Mexico 1800 Very Good Nilus Leclerc 60" 4 harness, Vintage in very good condition. Sold with 45" leclerc bench, 2 boat shuttles, reeds and original booklets. Asking $1800. ls12@qwestoffice.net
11/2/2016 Jamie Rayburn Seeking (want-ad) Weaving tools Any make considered Weave Width: Shafts: Medford, Oregon 1 Very Good Looking for: used temples, bobbin winder, yardage meter, boat shuttles jmacm@aol.com
10/31/2016 kathy sparks Seeking (want-ad) Spinning Wheel Roberta/Ertoal Weave Width: Shafts: Midwest, Indiana 500 Very Good I am looking for an electric spinning wheel. Roberta. elmshoot@gmail.com
10/30/2016 Russell Wells Selling Loom ARM-Switzerland Weave Width:118 Inches Shafts:2 Charlotte, North Carolina 3350 Excellent Model A81 by ARM AG in Switzerland: Weaving width 300cm (118 inches), Two heddles, walk through treadles, Swingweight to keep shed open. Vertical beater with counterweight, Single warp beam with 10 warp sticks, Panicle guides and handle, Rope tension with safety crank. Sturdy and beautiful beechwood construction. Custom full length wood bench included. 350 cm wide-137 inches; 110 cm deep-43 inches; 200 cm high-78 inches. wells123@gmail.com
10/27/2016 Cheryl Nachtrieb Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:15" Shafts:4 Denver, CO 800 Excellent Schacht 15" 4-shaft table loom with stand and accessories, $800. This is a wonderful setup for the beginning weaver. This price includes a 4-yard warping board, 8 and 12 dpi reeds, shuttle, some yarns, and weaving books. Excellent condition. Local pickup-cash only. Please email me for photos at cnachtrieb@comcast.net cnachtrieb@comcast.net
10/26/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Heavy canvas aprons for your loom Handmade Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana, Ohio 25 New Custom sizes available and are to your order for the width you need. Prices vary with desired width. $25.00 and up. Call 330.457.7551 lambrugs@yahoo.com
10/25/2016 Susan Morgan Selling Loom Klentz Weave Width:45 Shafts:8 Grants Pass, Oregon 1500 Very Good Klentz floor loom for sale: 8 harness, 45 inch width. This loom is hardwood, factory made, and great condition. It comes with many accessories: bench, shuttles, extra reeds, extra heddles, resource books, etc. Will email/text pictures to interested party. morganpaints@oigp.net
10/22/2016 Karen Robertson Selling Loom No Name Found Weave Width:Roller is 46 inches Shafts:6 Tuolumne County, Ca 1000 Excellent Square beam 51 inches across. Front leg 32 1/2 inches tall. 6 harness. Castle height 39 1/2 inches. 8 treadle. Roller is 46 inches wide. Would prefer to trade for smaller floor loom - wanting to weave up to 24 inches in width. Can send photos through email if requested. talktt@frontiernet.net
10/21/2016 Lindy VanEynde Selling Loom Norwood Weave Width:46 inch Shafts:4 Yorkville, IL 2500 Excellent 46" width - 4 harness - 6 treadles. Comes with the Norwood bench and with the loom fully warped. Additionally, the loom and bench comes with extra nylon heddles and a box of loopers to get you started! I love this loom but it is time to find it a new home - we are downsizing and I am open to discussion on price. Like NEW condition - there are NO flaws and NO damage. PayPal or cash only please. Email me for pictures. hvaneynde@gmail.com
10/19/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling LeClerc weaving bench LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana , Ohio 200 Very Good LeClerc weaving bench..pickup only lambrugs@yahoo.com
10/18/2016 Michael Newberry Selling Loom Structo Weave Width:26 Shafts:4 Papalote, TX 400 Excellent Structo tabletop loom, Model 705-7986. The weaving width is 26 inches and the levers face you. This loom has been completely restored - maple wood has been sanded, stained, clear coated. All of the metal pieces were sanded, treated with ospho and painted. There is a new stainless steel ten dent reed and new heddles that were special ordered. shearblissalpacas@hotmail.com
10/16/2016 Gail Schrader Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:0 Shafts:4 Westpoint, Indiana 200 Adequate Four harness, probably a 48" weave. Includes the bill of sale, the envelope with the picture on the front... SOMEONE has removed all four of the uprights that hold the beams, etc. This loom is either for parts only OR for someone that can rebuild/make the uprights. The original seller won't respond to my requests for them (she had said she'd get them to me asap).. $200 obo. gtschrader@gmail.com
10/11/2016 Para Soerensen Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht Weave Width:36" Shafts:N/A Brooklyn, New York 1500 Excellent Looking to buy Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom. No scams or solicitations. para.soerensen@gmail.com
10/10/2016 Sharon Bjornson Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:27 Shafts:4 Mankato, Mn 1200 Very Good This was my mother's loom. It is in good condition and is warped with one rug on it. I also have a fabric cutter to go with it and extra warp. I can provide pictures if interested. The top is folded down to allow it to get in and out of the door. Will need to pick up in Mn itsallaboutcntry@aol.com
10/10/2016 Kim Gregory Selling Loom Handmade Weave Width:40" Shafts:8 Tallahassee, Florida 500 Very Good 8 harness 10 treadle floor loom with a 40" weaving width. Handcrafted out of various beautiful hardwoods (mostly oak). kimgregorystudio@gmail.com
10/8/2016 Sarah Leverett Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber Weave Width:40 - 48 Shafts:8 Berkeley, California 1 Very Good Seeking a 8 to 10 shaft Macomber B4, 48" weaving width, in either fair (needs restoration), poor (useable for parts), or good working condition, with "old style" lamms using hooks, not super-hooks. I have a B4 48" 4 shaft with new style lamms to either trade, sell, or restore with parts from a disabled loom. sleverett@earthlink.net
10/6/2016 Robyn Daniel Selling Blending Board Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Warren, RI 100 Very Good Large used blending board (in great shape) and two clamps for sale. Clamps mount the board on the table edge or counter, or the board can be used laying flat or in your lap. The board measure 19 1/2" long & 8" high overall; the pin fabric is 18" by @6 1/2". I cannot find a manufacturer's name. Asking $100 plus actual shipping cost. Paypal preferred. If you want other photos I'm happy to oblige. radfelt@icloud.com
10/4/2016 Elizabeth Barkas Selling Loom Cranbrook Weave Width:60 Shafts:8 Buckley, WA 5500 Excellent Built by Norwood, 1990's, Gently used loom includes a sectional warp beam and original manual. I added a tension box, rail, spool rack & refinished the bench. Bench is nice and wide, has side pockets and hinged lid storage area. Purchased from original owner. Versatile, ideal if you wish to weave linens, blankets, rugs or fabric Currently set up in my loom room. See before purchase. e-mail for photos. eb98321@gmail.com
10/3/2016 Shirley Adams Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Carson City, Nevada 450 Very Good THIS IS A FOLDING FLOOR LOOM AND IS IN VERY GOOD TO excellent CONDITION. IT IS A COLLECTABLE ABOUT 1930s.It is well made and sturdy. The person I got the loom from wove all types of articles including blankets on it. I can deliver within a reasonable distance of Reno/Carson City. Call me with your telephone number and I will send you pictures. Thanks....My number is: 775-291-6056 sadamsfa@hotmail.com
10/1/2016 Trish Limbaugh Seeking (want-ad) Tapestry Looms Fireside Cantilever, LeClerc Tissart Weave Width: Shafts: Whitefish, MT 1000 Very Good Looking for Fireside Cantilever or Leclerc Tissart tapestry looms. It needs to be in good shape. Thanks. trishlimbaugh@gmail.com
9/27/2016 Susan Mason Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford Weave Width:32in Shafts:8 Seattle, Wa 500 Very Good Looking for a used Ashford 8 shaft 32 in table loom (not Katie). With or without stand/treadle attachment. Willing to pay $500 for loom alone, more for stand etc. susanmason@me.com
9/26/2016 Ricki Kelly Selling Knitting machine Studio Weave Width: Shafts: Atlanta, GA 400 Excellent Studio 328 knitting machine with SRP 50 ribber. Has tons of punch cards, is in excellent condition and has brand new needle bar. Looking for an offer or would love a trade for a weaving loom. Willing to ship. Thanks so much! Email me for photos- rickikellystudio@gmail.com rickikellystudio@gmail.com
9/26/2016 JUDITH GUINAN Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:46 INCHES Shafts:4 ORTONVILLE, MI 750 Excellent Nilus with 6 boat shuttles, 3 reeds, raddle, lease sticks, spool holder, matching storage seat bench, threading hooks, original assembly and user manual and additional pattern books. Picture available. Pick up and cash only. JDGUINAN@AOL.COM
9/22/2016 Heidi Labusch Seeking (want-ad) Vertical Warping Mill LeClerc Weave Width:na Shafts:na Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 1 Very Good I am looking for a used Vertical Warping Mill either floor model or table top. Or if anyone has a plan to make one, even better. Thank you! skywear2@rogers.com
9/20/2016 Janet Koske Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht Weave Width:25" Shafts:N/A Omaha, NE 150 Excellent I am seeking a Schacht Flip Folding Loom 25" janetlynn@cox.net
9/18/2016 Elizabeth Girolamo Seeking (want-ad) Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" or greater Shafts:8 Lancaster, PA 1000 Very Good Looking for a Leclerc loom with 8 harnesses or more, weaving width of 36 inches or more. Willing to negotiate price with seller. girolamo1@comcast.net
9/16/2016 Heather Gray Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:60" Shafts:16 Austin, Texas 9000 Excellent Complete Weaving Studio for SALE in Austin, TX! Everything you will need to get started. Lots of pictures available, if you send email to hgray@heathergray.com - AVL 60" Production Dobby Loom - 16 Harnesses/Double Fly Shuttle/Industrial 2" Beam and Wooden Beam/Fabric Wrap System/Industrial Cone Winder/2 Bobbin Racks, plus Bobbins/Bobbin Winder/Extra Reads/Extra Shuttles/Much Yarn/PVC Loading System for Warp Yarn/Wooden Wall Warp System/Cloth Heddles & Wire Heddles hgray@heathergray.com  
9/12/2016 Sandra Briney Selling Loom Louet, David Weave Width:28" Shafts:8 Tucson, Arizona 1500 Very Good Used 8 harness, 28" Louet David loom, with nylon heddles, lease sticks, warp sticks, padded bench. Also, 8,10,12,15 threads per inch reeds, in excellent condition. Was my mother's loom, and she took very good care of it. Buyer must pick it up in Oro Valley, AZ. This loom is $3200, when purchased new. I am asking $1500. sjbriney@msn.com
9/11/2016 Julianne Targan Seeking (want-ad) Loom Glimakra Weave Width:Regina Shafts:N/A NW, NJ 2000 Very Good **Desperately** seeking a Glimakra Regina or similar! Will drive up to 500 miles from NJ gladly! jatargan@comcast.net
9/11/2016 Erica Voolich Selling Loom Hammett Weave Width:22" Shafts:4 Boston, MA 450 New I have 2 Hammett 22", used a couple of times years ago when I was teaching weaving. They fold flat the same way that the Leclerc Dorothy looms do. It looks and works like the Leclerc but in-between the two sizes of the Dorothy looms. I want $450 each. voolich@gmail.com
9/11/2016 Dinakar Iyer Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber Weave Width:56 Shafts:16 Houston, TX 3000 Excellent Want to buy a Macomber loom (56"/ 16H) in an excellent weaving condition. dinakariyer@gmail.com
9/11/2016 Jody Cothey Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:12 feet Shafts:12 Charlemont, MA 3500 Very Good AVL Professional Dobby Rug loom: 12 harness, 12 foot with 1-yard sectional warp beam, pneumatic 4-box flyshuttle with auto color selection, auto cloth advance, auto warp let-off, and auto cloth storage advance. It was made in 1997. Includes compressor. ninedogsnow@msn.com
9/9/2016 Dave Keefer Selling Loom Gilmore Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 Lancaster, PA 600 Needs Work Gilmore 48", 8H, good condition, needs some TLC. $600. Located in Lancaster, PA. dekeefer@aol.com
9/8/2016 Mary Montague Selling Loom Schacht Cranbrook Weave Width:60 Shafts:8 Tulsa, Oklahoma 4000 Excellent Cranbrook Rug Loom. Countermarche. Assembly instructions included. Used for 6 months, has been unassembled for 7 years. (moved, no room). 82" width, 70" tall. Includes tool tray, worm gear, and many shuttles. Stainless steel reed, cloth beam. Paid $9000. Need to sell. Must pick up in Oklahoma. You will love the ease of making throws and rugs with this loom. See Schachtspindle.com for photo. maryterry53@yahoo.com
9/6/2016 deb kirchenwitz Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 oconomowoc, WI 1000 Very Good Artisat IV, Leclerc floor loom in great condition. 4 shafts, 6 treadles, with allow a combination of tie-ups. Can be folded-so a great space saver when not in use. A picture will be available if interested. kirk4@mindspring.com
9/5/2016 Kelly Davis Selling Loom Union Weave Width:36 Shafts:2 Bunker Hill, Illinois 300 Good Union 36 Rug Loom. Comes with everything to get you going. Shuttles, manuals, a lot of string, material cutter, etc. I bought it and I don't have time to use it at all. Asking $300 or best offer. Phoenix12737@yahoo.com
9/5/2016 Ingrid Adamson Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Brooklyn, New York 1700 Good Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom for sale. The loom is Four Now + Four Later; it is an an eight harness loom with only four harnesses installed, but with the capacity for four additional harnesses. 36" weaving width. The loom is clearly used, and has had some parts replaced, but is in perfect working order. 12-dent reed, new apron bars and string, and lease sticks included. It is available for pickup in Brooklyn, NY. $1700 or best offer. ingridcadamson@gmail.com
8/22/2016 Wendy Robson Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:24" Shafts:8 Memphis, TN 2400 Excellent Schacht Baby Wolf 8 harness (4/4), 10 treadle, maple loom. Includes bench, raddle , warping board, extra ss heddles, threading hook, ski rug shuttle, 2 boat shuttles and bobbins 2 lease sticks. Maintained in climate controlled smoke free environment. No, shipping. whrobson@aol.com
8/19/2016 Lydia Keeling Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:45 inch Shafts:4 Hardin, KY 2500 Very Good 45" weaving width four harness (has room for eight) countermarch loom. Maker unknown says "Craig" in stencil on one side. Heavy duty well constructed, pieces are numbered to aid in assembly. New 10 dent reed, includes handmade poplar bench with storage compartment. Instruction book and VHS tape to aid in setup. mrsobrian1@gmail.com
8/20/2016 Casey Piercey Selling Warping mill LeClerc Weave Width:NA Shafts:NA Alberta, Canada 400 Excellent I have for sale a large floor warping mill, just refinished and in excellent, like new condition! I have photos I can email! Asking 400 USD, 500 Canadian. Willing to ship at buyers expense! pierceycasey@gmail.com
8/15/2016 Wendy Twichell-O'Neal Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:36 inch Shafts:8 Davis, California 2200 Excellent Mighty Wolf 8 harness $2200. Has two reeds 10 & 12, not a Schacht. Email for pictures. Located in Northern California. Willing to trade for Baby (4 or8) and cash weavelady@gmail.com
8/14/2016 Marci Myers Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Geneva, IL 950 Very Good Specifications and Dimensions: Weaving width 36", 1000 heddles, Loom Width 47", Depth when open 48", Depth when folded 27½", Height C-Balance 58½", Height Jack-type 49", Front height 34½", Net weight 158 lbs jaztrio1@att.net
8/9/2016 Zoe Kean Seeking (want-ad) Loom Glimakra Julia, Ideal, Lillstina, no-brand Weave Width:22" - 45" Shafts:4 Nashville, Indiana 500 Good ISO 22"-45" 4 shaft 6 treadle counterbalance floor loom with horses. Glimakra Julia, Ideal, Lillstina, no-brand... No fixer-uppers. Preferably in Indiana. Max $1000 but under $600 would be great. zokean@juno.com
8/7/2016 Venisa McAllister Seeking (want-ad) Loom Unknown Weave Width:40 Shafts:4 Williams, California 600 Good Looking for my first floor loom. I hope to spend around $600. venisa@frontier.com
8/4/2016 Wendy Twichell-O'Neal Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:36 Shafts:8 Davis, California 2200 Excellent I have a 8 harness Mighty Wolf with wheels for sale in excellent condition. I also have a bench but not the Schacht. Located in Northern California. $2200/ you arrange and pay for shipping. Willing to deliver in 100 miles. Sorry no pictures right now selling house and getting ready to move to Washington state so I moved everything into storage. Weavelady@gmail.com 530-867-1846 texting is better or leave message weavelady@gmail.com
7/31/2016 Betty Lou Whaley Selling Loom Like AVL Weave Width:45 Shafts:More than 16 Mendocino, CA 3000 Good 25 shaft countermarche dobby loom made by Jim Ahrens, one of the founders of AVL. Frame is maple, shafts and dobby box oak, lamms ash. 69" high, 91" long and the bottom swing beater with a 1-box fly shuttle is 87" wide. Double harness loom will weave complex structures; the ground weave harness can be lifted off to use as a 25 shaft loom. Includes 470 dobby bars, 6000 pins, wrench, 2 warp beams, automatic cloth storage system, users manual for similar AVL. Pick up in northern CA. westwind4@icloud.com
7/25/2016 Erica Voolich Selling Loom looks like Structo Weave Width:20" Shafts:4 Boston, MA 300 Very Good This is a wooden table loom, 20" wide. It has no brand label, but it has the "innards" of a Structo 600. It has 2 reeds, one 15 dent, one 12. Not gorgeous, but a really study workhorse of a table loom. voolich@gmail.com
7/24/2016 Elise Ball Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:52" Shafts:4 Oakland, California 1600 Good This loom is a bit worn but it's in working condition. The first harness sometimes sticks a little and needs a touch of adjustment from time to time, but it hasn't caused me any problems. It has six pedals. Included is a 10-dent reed (seen in the photo). The back beam folds upward so the loom can be pushed against the wall to take up a less space when not in use. There's a label on the side that says "Hero Looms" though I've never heard of that maker. Buyer is responsible for pick up. flowersrocketship@yahoo.com
7/19/2016 Heidi Kestner Kuchta Selling Loom Gallinger Weave Width:42 Shafts:4 Silver Spring, MD 750 Very Good Gallinger 42" cherry 4-H, 4-T counterbalance loom with sectional beam and extra wide treadles. Lovingly cared for, purchased in 1976 from Mannings in East Berlin, PA. Located in Silver Spring, MD. Accessories include steel 10 dent reed, hand spool winder, one ski shuttle, one stick shuttle, two boat shuttles, hook. Will not ship, but would deliver within 150 miles for gas money. $750 cash. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Heidi at heidimail@comcast.net or phone 301-651-3886 heidimail@comcast.net
7/18/2016 Judy Peterson Selling Loom Ashford Weave Width:24in. Shafts:4 Vacaville, CA 825 Excellent Ashford Table Loom and stand. Both fold up for easy transport and made of solid silver beech hardwood that is lacquered for long-lasting good looks. Stainless Steel reed and lightweight heddles are included.Stand with 4 treadles and 2 handy sheeves. Height from floor to base of the loom is 24 1/2 in. Loom is less than 2 years old and in excellent condition. jp151@att.net
7/15/2016 Michael Newberry Seeking (want-ad) Loom Union Weave Width:36 Shafts:2 San Antonio, Houston 200 Very Good Looking for a Union floor loom, 36 inches in width. Please send e-mails to shearblissalpacas@hotmail.com. My name is Mike Newberry shearblissalpacas@hotmail.com
7/1/2016 Stacy Luck Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:0 Shafts:4 Campbell River, Canada 250 Excellent Didnt know much about this type of loom, was looking for a less complicated one to get started. It came with a conversion kit and instructions. I am the second owner, it is in great shape and about 50 years old. Comes with extra needles, heddles, reeds, shuttles and combs. stacy.luck@gmail.com
6/30/2016 Beverly Francis Selling warping mill Varpapuu Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A Metuchen, NJ 300 Excellent Vertical warping mill, Finnish birch, 70's from Varpapuu. Stable, sturdy base. Fast, smooth turning on ball bearings. Horizontal cross members allow 2 crosses and can be re-positioned. Roughly 50 yd capacity. 116" circumference; frame 66" H; 76" from floor to top of frame. Frame folds flat when not in use. $300 or B.O. Paypal or cash transaction. For pickup in central NJ (30 miles from NYC, 75 miles from Philadelphia) francis.beverly@gmail.com
6/30/2016 Beverly Francis Selling Loom Varpapuu Weave Width:60 Shafts:12 Metuchen, NJ 1500 Very Good 70's Finnish countermarche. Birch wood construction, functional, attractive. Underslung beater. Linen cord tie-up and string heddles, easily convertible to Texsolv. Breast and knee beams lift out for dressing and tie up. Metal pawl/ratchet brake. Footprint 72" w, 50" d. Whisper quiet, steady and sturdy for all fabrics, from rugs to lace weaves. Included: assorted tools, accessories. $1,500 or B.O. Paypal or cash. For pickup in central NJ (30 miles NYC, 75 miles Philadelphia). francis.beverly@gmail.com
6/29/2016 Theresa Daumer Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:38" Shafts:4 Franklin, Indiana 500 Excellent This floor loom is in excellent condition and is priced to sell. (Retails new for $1,950.00) Consider all the extras included: Brand new #10 dent stainless steel reed ($89.00) and raddle, various shuttles and other essential tools such as a tool to keep your selvages even (temple) and heddle hook, weaving pattern books and a warping board. Everything you need to get started or to move up from a rigid heddle loom. Width 36", collaspes to 22") tdaumer@gmail.com
6/27/2016 Mary Anne Pearson Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:48 Shafts:More than 16 Burney, CA 7000 Excellent AVL Production 24 shaft Compu-Dobby 1 loom. Double box fly shuttles. Conversion kit to peg system. Back tension bar and tensioner. Upper sectional beam. I have pictures if interested. You need a laptop or computer to run the loom, or just use the conversion kit for the peg system and be computer free! Make an offer! sleybelle@gmail.com
6/26/2016 Bill Lipscomb Selling Loom Norwood Weave Width:40 Shafts:4 Mongo, IN 700 Very Good 40", four shaft, six treadle used Norwood Loom. It was made in Baldwin, Michigan. It weaves very well and I have used this loom for several years. I will gladly email pictures upon request. b_lipscomb@yahoo.com
6/21/2016 Cindy Bennett Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:0 Shafts:8 Sebring, Florida 600 Very Good Space for up to 10 harnesses. Case of thread, warping board, and bags of scrap material. Moving. Must go asap. tcbenne@yahoo.com
6/19/2016 Terri Standley Seeking (want-ad) Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" + Shafts:More than 16 Seattle, WA 4500 Very Good Looking for a Weavebird II 24 Shaft, at least 36" wide. Will drive to pick up loom. standley4@centurytel.net
6/19/2016 Kathy Jones Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:36" Shafts:8 Gunter, TX 2800 Excellent Schacht Mighty Wolf 8H, includes a bench, high tower, two additional reeds 8 and 12 dent, three shuttles two of which are exotic woods and Leclerc wood temple all in perfect condition. Sorry no shipping, however will meet within a reasonable distance. New cost over $4,000 Photos available to interested party via email. needleartpeddler@gmail.com
6/19/2016 Jeannie Adams Seeking (want-ad) Spinning Wheel Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: Normal, Illinois 900 Very Good I am interested in purchasing a Matchless. Willing to drive a reasonable distance to pick up. Willing pay more for extra's. jmelsi3@aol.com
6/18/2016 Jerri Hert Seeking (want-ad) Horizontal warping mill Any brand Weave Width: Shafts: Dundee, mi 100 Good ISO Horizontal warping mill, either tabletop or floor model jerri@cass.net
6/16/2016 Kris Nei Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:48" Shafts:4 Bemidji, Minnesota 950 Very Good Weaver's Delight, warped and fully operational, comes with 4 flying shuttles, and 12 weft tubes, as well as the original red "pony" for filling tubes. It is in very good condition for the use it has enjoyed and has produced many extremely high-quality rugs, placemats, and table runners for four generations of original owner's family. It is serial number 7769. It has not been in use for 4 years since the passing of my mother. I need the floor space in my home and must sell. rmaway@gmail.com
6/8/2016 Anne Kopple Selling Loom Handmade Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Grant County, WV 3000 Excellent A beautiful four harness, 45", counter-balance, six treadle, built by Edward T King, an Iowa cabinet maker, in the 1930s. The wood is black walnut obtained from released stored military supplies, which would have been used for rifle gunstocks. The original bench, a warping wheel, shuttles, spool winder, "A Handweaver's Pattern Book" included. Excellent condition. Located in Grant County, West Virginia. Contact Anne Kopple at 304-749-8133 or hkopple@frontiernet.net. hkopple@frontiernet.net
5/13/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling spinning stool Unknown Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A NE Ohio, USA 95 Good Spinning wheel stool, $95 plus postage. Northeastern Ohio. Email Lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330-457-7551. lambrugs@yahoo.com
Custom width loom aprons up to 60" wide. Very heavy canvas, hemmed both top and bottom. Length is approximately 55" (can be ordered shorter). Since they are long, they can be re-sewn in the future without having to purchase a new apron. Example 36"  is $25 plus postage. Email Lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330.457.7551



FINE PRINT: This page of listings is a free service of Homestead Weaving Studio LLC, which has no monetary interest in the sale of these items, unless otherwise noted. We are not responsible for the content of any of the ads on this page and transactions that result from these ads are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and not Homestead Weaving Studio LLC. The transaction is between the seller and the buyer, so BUYER BEWARE. Please contact the person whose email address is given with the listing if you have any questions.

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