"Day Weaving" Students at Homestead Weaving Studio
and some of their handwoven projects~

Debbie, Kathy, and Mandy

Beth, Sandy, Robin, Danielle and Jane~


RaheAnne and Mandy

Keena and Myrna after 5 days weaving at the studio in July

Sharon & Claire ~ mother-daughter day

Laurie, Mark and Sheryl

Olivia, 12, with her potholder and belt, and grandma Ellen with her scarf. 


Hiroko, Carolyn & Michiyo

May, Grace and Debbie


I was at the studio this week (early March) as a student to learn weaving. I was very nervous, afraid I was too old to learn something this involved.
I've been a counted cross stitcher for many years, and have always been fascinated by the way threads come together to create fabrics
and beautiful pictures. But a large loom intimidated me. But Chris' teaching was wonderful and she was very good at explaining everything and
gently encouraging me to try each step of the weaving process, and being there beside me as I tried something new. I can't wait to return!! - Ellen (Ohio)