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 Baby Wolf loom LOOMS and EQUIPMENT
Beautiful Schacht Spinning Wheel

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Timestamp Name Picture Sell / Seek Type Brand Details Location Price Condition Description Contact Email
6/17/2021 Christine Jackson Selling Loom Weavers Friend width: 48 inches, harnesses: 2 Springville, Utah 500 Needs Work This loom was purchased by my grandmother from Reed Loom Company., Springfield, Ohio. I think it was purchased in the early 1950s or earlier. I wanted to learn to weave but I have decided I don't have the time nor desire. I don't know how to send a picture by URL but if you are interested I will email or text you a picture. I have the yarn holder rack and 20 skeins of yarn (light blue and mauve) drcj22@gmail.com
6/12/2021 Nancy Bruce Selling Loom Schacht width: 15 inch, harnesses: N/A Union, OR 100 Excellent The Cricket Loom is compact, capable, and cute! 15″ weaving width. The Cricket is made of high-quality maple ply and hard maple and is left unfinished. Cricket comes with an 8-dent reed. Included are a threading hook, warping peg, table clamps, one shuttle. pepzpat@gmail.com
6/11/2021 Danielle Adam Seeking (want-ad) Loom Kessenich width: 25 inches, harnesses: 4 Rochester, New York - Good ISO 25" Kessenich 4 shaft table loom. Buck stand a plus. murph8216@hotmail.com
6/10/2021 Terry Buck Selling Loom Macomber width: 72" wide, Jack rising shed,, harnesses: 8 Chatham, New York 1400 Good Macomber 8 shaft, 10 treadle, 2 sectional beams for double warp. This loom has been used for heavy upholstery. Has some wear but very serviceable. No additional equipment included. terrybuckdesign@gmail.com  
6/10/2021 Terry Buck Selling Loom LeClerc width: 36", harnesses: 4 Chatham, New York 12037 600 Very Good Leclerc folding Nilus loom. 36" wide. 1 - 12 dent reed. 4 harness, 6 treadle. terrybuckdesign@gmail.com  
6/9/2021 Christina Carver Selling Loom Norwood width: 50 inches, harnesses: 4 Hendersonville, NC 900 Very Good 50 inch 4 harness Norwood loom in very good condition. Lovely cherry loom, solid back beam weaves beautifully. Two reeds, metal heddles, and original paperwork included. Pictures upon request. CMCarverRN@aol.com
6/7/2021 Alejo Kraus-Polk Selling Loom Gilmore width: 54, harnesses: 8 Davis, California 2000 Excellent Excellent condition Gilmore floor loom with accessories. This large size is no longer in production. Comes with gilmore bench, spool rack, and multiple warp beams. Can negotiate price. alejokp@gmail.com
6/6/2021 Cait Roy Seeking (want-ad) Loom Gilmore width: 36-46, harnesses: 8 Colorado Springs, CO 1200 Excellent In search of 40" 8 shaft Gilmore loom, good / excellent condition. 36-46" weaving width caitroy90@gmail.com
6/4/2021 Jere Thompson Selling Loom Tools of the Trade width: 15 inches, harnesses: 8 Minneapolis, Minnesota 400 Excellent Love patterns, but don't have room for a floor loom? This 8 harness table loom, made by Tools of the Trade, is perfect for weaving scarves, kitchen towels, placemats, table runners, anything 15" wide. It comes with a leather carrying handle, shuttles and 5 & 15 dent reeds. The 5 dent reed can be used for heavy or finer warp yarns of 2-12 ends per inch by threading different number combinations through the slots (chart explaining this easy process is included). Please request pictures. thompson.jere@gmail.com
6/4/2021 Chris Gustin Selling Spinning Wheel Dutch width: , harnesses: Columbus, Indiana 375 Excellent Wonderfully conceived saxony spinning wheel with accessories by Dutch wheel builder Merkelbach. Has a single treadle, four wooden bobbins, a skein winder on the back. It's delightful to have everything as part of the unit and a great wheel to take to demonstrations. I've owned it for about 15 years and spun on it many times. Cash only, pickup only in Brown County, Indiana. chris@homesteadweaver.com
6/4/2021 Carol Haarmann Selling Loom LeClerc width: 60 inches, harnesses: 8 Princess Anne, Maryland 900 Good This is a 60 inch wide Leclerc convertible jack/counterbalance loom which I have been using for several years. It is located in Princess Anne MD and must be picked up there. Disassemled it will fit in most vehicles and the location is less than an hour from beaches in Maryland and Virginia. So pick up could be combined with a nice beach weekend. I have complete instructions for reassembly of the loom and there are also instructions for assembly on the internet. ahaarm@starpower.net
6/1/2021 Shannon Funk Seeking (want-ad) Loom Any width: 0, harnesses: N/A New London, Connecticut 1 Very Good Seeking a floor loom with 4-8 shafts, any width. Can travel up to about 2 hours to pick up and hoping not to go over $600. I'm a recently graduated textile student so I'm just looking for something simple so I can get back into weaving right away! :) shanpomme@gmail.com
5/29/2021 Samantha Bittman Selling Loom Sievers width: 36", harnesses: 4 Catskill, NY 400 Good Comes with bench, warping board, lease sticks, rattle, and reed. samanthabittman@gmail.com
5/27/2021 Danielle Garber Selling Loom Glimakra width: 27, harnesses: 4 Oakland, CA 1200 Excellent Glimakra Julia loom has counter balance and countermarch set ups and all that you need to start weaving! Small footprint for if you don't have space for a larger loom! Local pick up only, and please feel free to reach out with any questions! danielle.garber@gmail.com
5/27/2021 Danielle Garber Selling Loom Glimakra width: 53", harnesses: 8 Oakland, CA 2350 Excellent Selling a 54" Glimakra Floor Loom. Has everything needed to set it up including a reed, counter balance + countermarch set ups. May be able to show you how to dress the loom if instruction is needed. Local pick up only. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to come see it! I also have an account with Glimakra so if you wanted to add harnesses or treddles I can do that discounted! danielle.garber@gmail.com
5/23/2021 Mary Schmutte Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford Table Loom width: 24", harnesses: 16 Eustis, Florida 1000 Very Good I am looking for a 16 shaft 24" Ashford table loom with the stand. At a reasonable price. I would consider a 32" 16 shaft if there happen to be any of those out there in Florida. In very good condition. I would prefer in the state of Florida I live in Central Florida. I don't want to have it shipped. iamunwoven@gmail.com
5/20/2021 Kelsey Anderson Selling Loom LeClerc width: 48", harnesses: 4 Richmond, VA moving to Boise, ID in July 2000 Very Good 45" LeClerc floor loom. Four shaft, 6 treadles. Added a few things to get it working smoothly. De-rusted the 10-dent reed and the sectional bars. Comes with the pirn/bobbin winder, not the skein winder. Everything in the pictures but the warp and the skein winder comes with it. I'll throw in Saltwater Rose supima cotton yarn and tension box for another $100. idatenn90@yahoo.com
5/19/2021 Megan Sweeney Selling Ashford Loom Stand-Fits 16" Rigid Heddle Ashford width: , harnesses: Glenview, IL 75 Excellent Ashford Loom Stand-Fits the 16" Rigid Heddle Loom. All parts are there. Shipping is extra. email if interested. megsweeney98@gmail.com
5/18/2021 Kathleen J Lehnig Selling 2 Antique wooden weaving shuttles, maker unknown Unknown width: , harnesses: Nashville, Indiana 50 Good I have 2 Antique hardwood weaving shuttles from my mother's collection. Originally made for a fly shuttle loom. Nice collection addition. klehnig52@gmail.com
5/14/2021 Laura Young Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 60", harnesses: 4 Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 3500 Excellent Bexell Cranbrook Loom - 60" Horizontal Countermarche. 60" Weaving Width, 4 Shafts, 8 Treadles, Original Assembly Instructions, Dimensions: 79"W x 69"H x 60"D, Treadle gate, Two Lease Sticks, 16 Packing Sticks, 620 Texsolv Heddles. Cloth Aprons on the Warp and Cloth Beams, Raddle, 1" spacing, Two Tool Shelves, at the front and lower back, Original Cranbrook Bench, 45"W x 16"D x 24"H, Cranbrook Bobbin Rack, Skein Holder, Warping Mill. Due to the size and weight, local pick-up only. vertigofarm@gmail.com
5/13/2021 cynthia l lyons Selling Loom Gilmore width: 36", harnesses: 4 NEW WINDSOR, new york 1000 Good Gilmore floor loom, warping rack, 2 boats for sale. Good condition. Made in 1981. cindybuccilyons@hotmail.com
5/12/2021 Sherry Dorris Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 46, harnesses: 8 Ventura, Callifornia 2000 Excellent Beautiful Cranbrook Weaving Loom J45. Countermarche system. Weaving width 46 inches. 8 harness, 10 treadles. Loom size is 57" x 63". Bench, reeds and shuttles included. Excellent condition. Pick-up only. $2,000. sdorris@roadrunner.com
5/11/2021 Laralee S Boyd Selling Loom Kessenich width: 36", harnesses: 2 Greenfield, TN 38230 (Weakley County) NW TN 800 Excellent Floor Loom 2H 2T 8 dent reed (excellent for weaving rag rugs). Sectional beam with lots of warp still on it. Folds up with warp and/or work on it to lie flat to travel to workshops. Easy to teach and learn weaving on this loom. laralee1955@gmail.com
5/8/2021 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Heddles Unknown width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 10 Good Used/new various lengths and styles metal heddles $10 to $13 per hundred plus postage Lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/8/2021 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc width: 36, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 695 Very Good Leclerc Artisat floor loom 4H, 6T. Folds to 18 inches, comes with aprons, lease sticks, shuttles, bobbins, sley hook, LeClerc book Warp and Weave, new treadle strings and clips, new bumpers, 2 reeds, original paperwork. Could be used for Saori weaving, scarves, dishcloths and towels, placemats. 12 minutes from exit 232 Ohio Turnpike. 330.457.7551. Lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/10/2021 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Schacht width: 36, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 1495 Excellent Schacht 36" 4 H 6 T floor loom, low castle, beautiful condition. Also includes treadle tracker, lot of Schacht shuttles and bobbins, lease sticks, sley hook, reedhook, warp sticks, 2 reeds, paperwork. Standard model, folds.. 12 minutes from exit 232 of Ohio Turnpike.....330.457.7551 lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/4/2021 Jill Lang Selling Loom AVL width: 48", harnesses: 4 Easton, Pennsylvania 950 Excellent Jack Loom, Side tie up, Nylon heddles, Very Easy to treadle, Wide Shed, 4 additional harnesses can be added - total of 600 from AVL/Like new condition. langj785@gmail.com
4/13/2021 Barb Peddie Selling Loom Schacht width: 42, harnesses: 4 Madison, Indiana 1500 Very Good 42" Schacht high castle counterbalance loom. Several reeds included. Warping mill and spool holder. Warp and weft. $1500. Must pick up at my location. PM me at bpeddie@seidata.com. bpeddie4994@gmail.com
4/7/2021 Laura Jones Selling Bobbin Winder and Yardage Counter Columbine width: , harnesses: Garden Valley, Idaho 100 Very Good COLUMBINE BOBBON WINDER and COLUMBINE YARDAGE COUNTER. Good condition asking $100 OBO (for both - sell together). Location Garden Valley, ID. Pick-up or additional charge for shipping. Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App. LauraJonesLooms@hotmail.com
4/7/2021 Laura Jones Selling Horizontal Warping Mill Unknown width: , harnesses: Garden Valley, Idaho 200 Very Good HORIZONTAL WARPING MILL. Good condition asking $200 OBO (costs $415 new). 36" x 34" x 25" (approx). Folds for storage. Two-yard circumference. Will hold 18 yards of warp. Location Garden Valley, ID. Pick-up or additional charge for shipping.Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App. LauraJonesLooms@hotmail.com
4/7/2021 Laura Jones Selling Warping Board Unknown width: , harnesses: Garden Valley, Idaho 70 Very Good WARPING BOARD. Good condition asking $70 OBO (costs $140 new). 39" x 30". Dowels are 5" tall. Location Garden Valley, ID. Pick-up or additional charge for shipping. Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App. LauraJonesLooms@hotmail.com
4/7/2021 Laura Jones Selling Spool Rack and Tension Box Unknown width: , harnesses: Garden Valley, Idaho 150 Excellent SPOOL RACK and TENSION BOX. Excellent condition asking $150 OBO. Spool rack = 6 spools x 12 spools = 72 spools total. Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID. Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App. LauraJonesLooms@hotmal.com
4/7/2021 Laura Jones Selling Schacht Loom Bench w Cloth Baskets Schacht width: , harnesses: Garden Valley, Idaho 200 Excellent SCHACHT BENCH WITH CLOTH BASKETS. Excellent condition asking $200 OBO (costs $414 new). Seat height adjustable 19" to 24". Flat or slanted seat position. Below the seat is a storage bin. Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID. Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App. lauraJonesLooms@hotmail.com
4/7/2021 Laura Jones Selling Loom LeClerc width: 36, harnesses: 4 Garden Valley, Idaho 900 Good LECLERC LOOM. Fair condition asking $900 OBO (costs $1,950 new). Loom works well, but apron has a tear in it. Will need repair to work perfectly. Jack-Type 4 Shaft Loom (6 Treadles). 36" Weaving Width, 1,000 Heddles, 46" Loom Width. Can be folded front and back to a depth of 14" (Depth Opened 32"). Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID. Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App. LauraJonesLooms@hotmail.com
4/7/2021 Laura Jones Selling Loom Bench Gilmore width: , harnesses: Garden Valley, Idaho 250 Excellent Gilmore maple loom bench. Storage bin under seat. Asking $250 OBO (costs $400 new). Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or CashApp. laurajoneslooms@hotmail.com
4/7/2021 Laura Jones Selling Loom Gilmore width: 32", harnesses: 8 Garden Valley, Idaho 2250 Excellent GILMORE MAPLE FLOOR LOOM. Excellent condition asking $2,250 OBO (costs $3,900 new). 46" Loom Width. 8 Harness. Maximum weaving width 32". Sectional Beam Bar Kit. Top Tray. Stainless Steel Reeds. Extra Sectional Warp Beam. Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID. Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App. lauraJonesLooms@hotmail.com
4/4/2021 Michele McLellan Selling Loom J-Made (hand made) width: 72", harnesses: 16 Yellow Springs, Ohio 4000 Excellent Beautiful, hand-crafted Cherry wood J-Made floor loom. 72" wide, 10 treadles, 8 harnesses and room for 16. Great for fabric and strong enough for rug-weaving. Bench. Two reeds. Many shuttles. Asking $4,000 obo. Available for pick up in Yellow Springs, Ohio, or we can negotiate shipping. margiemcl@gmail.com
3/18/2021 Jane A McAtee Selling Loom Norwood width: 45 inches, harnesses: 8 Boulder, Colorado 1900 Very Good Beautiful cherry loom, cherry trap and bench made by carpenter. Likely custom made since the back beam does not have pegs . Replaced the tie ups with TexSolv but I have the chains. Pick up in Boulder Co. photos available on request. mcateejane@gmail.com
3/18/2021 Irene Schaeffer Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 72" weaving width, harnesses: 4 Cincinnati, Ohio 3500 Very Good 72" Cranbrook Loom and 4' Bench For Sale $3,500.00 Loom has been used for rug weaving. I have owned the loom for about 35 yrs but have not used it for the past 20 yrs. I purchased from a local weaving teacher. The loom has 4 harnesses and was made in Fremont, Michigan by David Johnson of Norwood Looms. These looms are now being made by Schacht Looms. Loom is located in Cincinnati (Finneytown) Ohio 45231 - will need to be picked up at the time of purchase. i_schaeffer@fuse.net
3/18/2021 Valerie Moore Seeking (want-ad) Loom Toika width: 0, harnesses: N/A Nashville, Tennessee 1234 Excellent Seeking a Toika Eeva, preferably with computer-assist (any number of shafts). I am open to any width, but prefer 40-48". vdidenmoore@gmail.com
3/15/2021 Danielle Garber Selling Loom Glimakra width: 53", harnesses: 12 Oakland CA, Haydenville MA 2500 Excellent I am selling my 54" Glimakra Weaving Floor Loom. Has everything it needs to set it up right away including a reed, counter balance and countermarch set ups. I am more than happy to do a full on weaving tutorial on the set up with the cost of the loom, if interested please get in touch to work out the details. Local pick up only. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to come see it! danielle.garber@gmail.com
3/14/2021 Barbara Carbajal Selling Warping Reel Pendleton width: , harnesses: Tucson, AZ 100 Very Good Vintage 70's warping reel, 2nd owner, very good condition. Can send picture if requested. barbra2@gmail.com
3/1/2021 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Reed width: 45, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 1250 Excellent Restored counterbalance 4 H 6T 45" floor loom by Reed Loom, Springfield Ohio...great rug loom or use for fine weaving, Saori, tapestry etc. All new cords, 6 rag shuttles,boat shuttle, stick shuttles, back tension steel piece rides in slot, copy of original manual, sley hook, reed hook, sectional back beam with all the pegs. Really a nice sturdy loom. 12 minutes from exit 232 of Ohio turnpike. 330.457.7551 lambrugs@yahoo.com  
2/28/2021 Laura Brewer Seeking (want-ad) Norwood Bench Norwood width: , harnesses: Columbus, Ohio 150 Very Good I'm looking for a Norwood cherry loom bench to match a workshop size loom. 18-30" width, with or without side pockets. Price range $100-200. Willing to ship or pickup if it can be arranged. laura.hester.brewer@gmail.com
2/20/2021 Corinne Snider Selling Skeinwinder Fricke Fiber Tools width: , harnesses: Hackettstown, NJ 120 Very Good Fricke Fiber Tools Floor skeinwinder with counter. Hub is 30" from the floor. With one arm perpendicular to floor, the highest point of the arm is 43" from floor. Pickup Northern NJ. cpink537@gmail.com
2/20/2021 Corinne Snider Selling Strauch Yarn Swift Skeinwinder Strauch width: , harnesses: Hackettstown, NJ 200 Excellent Strauch Floor Skeinwinder Yarn Swift - please email for additional pictures. Local Pickup only in Northern NJ. cpink537@gmail.com
2/17/2021 Julia Wilder Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 Ione, California 1200 Very Good Complete package: LeClerc Nilus 45" four shaft/six treadle loom. Bench LeClerc, Bobbin Winder Leclerc + bobbins and large LeClerc boat shuttle, Reeds 6, 8, 10, 12, Large warping board, new aprons front and back. Well cared for - pictures on request. JuliaWilder2020@gmail.com
2/17/2021 Misty Darton Selling Loom Macomber width: 20", harnesses: 4 Washington, Maine 800 Excellent 1961 Macomber CP - 20" weaving width, 4 shaft & 6 treadles. It can be expanded to 6 shaft & 8 treadles. Fully restored last year and replaced heddles with new insert eye ones. Replaced all cording with texsolv. Will come with a brand new Gowdey reed. mistydarton@gmail.com
2/15/2021 Rosemarie Vassar Selling Loom Harrisville width: 36, harnesses: 4 Hillsboro, New Hampshire 850 Excellent 36 inch 4 shaft 6 treadle, new brake system, and castle tray. rrvassar@tds.net
2/6/2021 Tara Donlick Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber width: 64" 72", harnesses: 4 Chadds Ford, PA 1 Very Good I am seeking a Macomber 64" or 72" loom. tmdonlick@gmail.com
2/6/2021 Sarah Schwartz Selling Loom Unknown width: 130cm (51in), harnesses: 8 Danville, CA 2200 Very Good 130cm 10s/10t countermarch. Scandinavian-style no-name loom, but similar in many respects to a Glimakra Standard. Very easy treadling and holds excellent tension. Great for rugs as well as more delicate work. Includes reeds (5,6,8,15), bench, Texsolv Heddles, beater weight, new front apron, pulleys/horses to make CB, Glimakra Stadig feet, lease sticks, and raddle. Weaving width 51.25"/Exterior width 62"/ Depth 69.5"/ Height 64.5". Local pick up. Happy to send additional pics. sarahretail@fastmail.com
2/4/2021 Carole L Penner Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford width: Looking to buy an Ashford Tapestry Floor Loom - Smaller size no longer manufactured, harnesses: 2 WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY 12590 1234 Very Good I am looking to purchase a used Ashford Tapestry Floor Loom. It is the smaller version that is no longer manufactured. carole.penner@yahoo.com
1/31/2021 Jeannie Bennett Selling Loom Newcomb Weavers Delight width: 0, harnesses: 4 Eskridge, KS 500 Very Good Weaver's Delight 4-harness Fly Shuttle loom. Comes with spool rack, original(?) cylinders and box, cylinder filling machine, shuttles. jweinie53@yahoo.com
1/30/2021 Kathy Jean Sheehy Selling Loom Glimakra width: 4' X5' , harnesses: 12 GREENSFORK, IN. 47345 1600 Very Good Glimakra Countermarche 4'x5' loom with video. Very good condition. astrocut@earthlink.net
1/28/2021 Carol J Blackmore Selling Warping Mill Handmade width: , harnesses: CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina 145 Good This is a very large antique warping mill used for winding warps. It has a circumference of 12 ft. and is 5 ft high. It is a beautifully handmade, extremely solid, exceptionally stable and functional warping mill. Local pick-up only. carol.j.blackmore@gmail.com
1/23/2021 Irene Schaeffer Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 72, harnesses: 4 Cincinnati , Ohio 3500 Excellent I have a 72″ Cranbrook loom for sale. I don't know age. It's in very good condition and includes bench, 6 treadles, stretchers, shuttles, etc. (see attached photos). It can be disassembled for transport and the assembly manual in included. When new, the loom (no bench, etc) sells for $9000. I am interested in offers. i_schaeffer@fuse.net
1/15/2021 Maya Cordeiro Selling Loom LeClerc width: 36", harnesses: 4 Bristol, Rhode Island 500 Very Good 36" counter-balanced, 4 harness/6 treadle loom with a frame that folds to a depth of 25". An excellent loom for hobbyists, teaching and production studios. Described as a noiseless floor loom for home. Produced possibly 1982-83? In great working condition, I am the second owner and has been a staple in my production weaving studio for 10+ years. Well taken care of and used regularly. info@bristollooms.com
1/14/2021 Louann Zechmeister Seeking (want-ad) Loom Gilmore width: 32-40 inch, harnesses: 8 Rochester Hills, Michigan 800 Excellent Would like to purchase an 8 shaft Gilmore loom, will drive for the right one. Lksw4@aol.com
1/14/2021 David Hicks Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45, harnesses: 4 Rome, GA 800 Good This is a 4 shaft Nilus with sectional warp beam. Included with loom is bench and extensions to convert warp beam to a full yard on a turn. It is in good condition and has been used for over 30 years. New inserted eye heddles on each shaft (about 150 per shaft.) Cannot ship must be picked up at location. hicks9729@comcast.net
1/10/2021 Gayle Oberg Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45 Inches, harnesses: 4 Waterbury Center, VT 900 Good 4 Harness 45 Inch LeClerc Nilus Loom. Works great - Used very little in the past few years. Bench included. Call for additional photos. gayle@theobergteam.com
1/10/2021 Lorain Pettit Selling Loom Varpapuu width: 60 inch, harnesses: 4 Florence, KY 600 Good Selling my Varpapuu countermarche loom. 4 harnesses, 6 treadles. Loom has a 60 inch weaving width and includes a 12 dent reed and half inch raddle. Warp and cloth beam aprons in good condition, lots of heddles. Loom is currently disassembled, fits in a Rav4. Pick up only just south of Cincinnati, OH. Email for pictures if interested. Lorain.pettit@gmail.com
1/9/2021 Sun Fontaine Selling Loom J-Made width: 45, harnesses: 12 Clarksville, MD 2200 Very Good 45" weaving width, 12h/16t. Double back beams, all beams use worm gear. 1st beam converted to 2" sectional with removable leclerc rakes. 2nd back beam plain. Treadle lock gate, back hinged treadles. 10/12 dent reeds. 2nd back beam not turning ATM due to worn universal connector. Could probably be fixed with some gorilla glue or a new connector. There are stickers from previous owner that I have not tried removing. sunmisun@gmail.com
12/31/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Tension boxes/different models Norwood/Leclerc/Clement width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 144 Excellent Many makes of tension boxes:    (6) SOLD -14” $135 - SOLD
(7) 14” $135
(8) 11.5” $99
(9) 13” $144
(10) 8.5” $95
(11) 7.5” $90 for Clement Loom. Postage extra. Many woods, Maple/Cherry/Oak/Pine. 12 minutes from exit 232 of Ohio Turnpike. 330.457.7551
12/31/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Tension boxes/different models Norwood/Leclerc/Clement width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 144 Excellent Many makes of tension boxes:   (1) 9” $89
(2) Norwood cherry $144 SOLD
(3) SOLD-Leclerc with counter $144
SOLD (4) 11.5” $99
(5) 14” $135. Buyer pays postage, Maple/Cherry/Oak/Pine. Located 12 minutes from exit 232 of Ohio Turnpike. 330.457.7551
12/29/2020 Cyndy Phillips Selling Loom Shurweave Loom width: 36, harnesses: 4 Trinidad, CA 1500 Excellent This antique 4-harness, counterbalance floor loom is a Shurweave Loom, manufactured by E.C. Turner in San Diego, California around the turn of the 20th century. It's in fantastic shape. Asking $1500 OBO. Local pickup in Trinidad, CA preferred. You are welcome to come to my home (masked) to try it out. I will only ship if buyer arranges and pays for packing and shipping in advance. Email me if interested. cmphillips3@yahoo.com
12/21/2020 BARBARA C ZUIDERENT Selling Loom Toika width: 60", harnesses: 8 Greensboro, NC 5000 Very Good I am downsizing to a smaller house. Need to sell. My 60" 8 shaft Toika loom is only 6 or 7 years old. It was purchased from the Mannings Weaving School from Tom Knisley. I am including lots of yarn, reeds, shuttles, temples, rolls of corrugated cardboard lease sticks, angel wings etc. Must pick up. bcteacher@charter.net
12/14/2020 Anne Cameron Selling Flyshuttles AVL width: , harnesses: Dallas, TX 40 Excellent AVL flyshuttles, 8 available, new list price $215. Shipping not included. tissewovens@gmail.com
12/10/2020 Mary Ann Borden-Neary Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht width: 26, harnesses: 4 Dallas, Texas 1 Very Good I am a novice weaver looking for a Schacht Baby Wolf in good condition at a reasonable price. My needs are simple: 4 shafts, no extender necessary but will consider any baby wolf. Also would consider a Leclerc Compact 24. Will pick up from DFW, Houston , San Antonio, Tulsa or Ok City. maryannplanotexas@gmail.com
12/1/2020 Jacob Lauser Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford width: 0, harnesses: 4 Redding, CA 400 Very Good I'm looking for a 4 or 8 shaft Ashford table loom in good condition with all (or most) parts, available at a reasonable price. jrlauser@gmail.com
11/29/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Beaver, Springfield, Ohio width: 36, harnesses: 8 Columbiana,Ohio 1595 Very Good Very nice Maple 36"/8H/10/treadle floor loom...loom folds but is very sturdy with side bars...it is a Beaver Loom, made in Springfield, Ohio...comes with accessories.. good brake. 12 minutes from exit 232 of Ohio Turnpike...330.457.7551 Lambrugs@yahoo.com
11/17/2020 Malvina D'Alterio Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht width: 30 - 36, harnesses: 8 Baltimore, MD 2000 Very Good Hi. I'm looking for one of the following items: a used 36" Schacht standard floor loom with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles, or a 32" "Big Mac" Macomber Add-a-harness with 8 shafts to start with, but space for the full 12. For both, I need a tension break on the warp beam. Yes, they're different loom types, but I like both. thingie@gmail.com
11/12/2020 Emily Robertson Selling Loom Schacht width: 36", harnesses: 4 Plymouth, MA 2200 Excellent Mighty Wolf 4N4L. An 8 harness loom shipped with 4 harnesses installed, can add 4 later. Weaves 36". Comes with high castle with storage tray; height extender with wheels; Steel Hub Friction Brake; Brake Release Foot Pedal; Aluminum Harness Channels; Stainless Steel Heddle Bars; Reed (Choice of 20 or 24 Dent); 2 Lease Sticks; 1000 Inserted Eye Heddles. Additional items can be included. Please email me for for images, delivery or shipping estimates, more info. ambitious.em@gmail.com
11/7/2020 Danielle McCoy Seeking (want-ad) Loom Norwood or Gilmore width: 40-50", harnesses: 8 Acworth, GA 1000 Good I am looking for either a Gilmore or Norwood 8 shaft loom, ideally 40" weaving width with a sectional beam. Flexible on price depending on features/location! daniellekristine@gmail.com
11/3/2020 Charles Marroquin Selling Loom Schacht width: 10, harnesses: 2 Bridgeport, Connecticut 150 New Schacht Spindle Cricket Looms: used looms in great condition, sanitized and set up with long, beautiful warps at 10 inches wide. Looms are preset and include three wooden flat shuttles, two clamps to attach the loom to a table, double sided Velcro and 12 dent reeds. Warps are made of bamboo floss, 5/2 cotton or wool. I have one 15" loom with alpaca yarn in mauve and 15" with cotton warp on log cabin pattern colors for $175, most of the Cricket looms are 10" wide except these last two 15" Looms. Will ship at buyers expense. Pictures at https://rubenmarroquin.squarespace.com/on-site-workshops Marroquinruben@hotmail.com
11/2/2020 MaryLou Ridley Seeking (want-ad) Loom manual Hammett width: , harnesses: Solon, Maine 25 Excellent Manual or instruction booklet for a Marcoux45 by Hammett model 174 marylouridley@gmail.com
11/2/2020 Anastatia Spicer Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber width: 32-54, harnesses: 12 Thetford, Vermont 1500 Good ISO Macomber loom 36" weaving width or larger. Ideally 12 shafts though would be interested in 8 shafts as well. I am willing to travel anywhere in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York. Thank you! anastatiamary@gmail.com
10/31/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Horizontal warping mill Unknown width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 210 Very Good No name horizontal warping mill...very good condition..must be picked up. 12 minutes S of exit 232 of Ohio Turnpike. 330.457.7551 lambrugs@yahoo.com
10/31/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Lamb Lamb width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 22 New Life like resin Lamb with gorgeous eyes....15 1/2" long by 10" high...would be a great gift for any fiber person or under your Christmas tree with a big ribbon..can be mailed..330.457.7551 lambrugs@yahoo.com
10/21/2020 Caroline Hicks-Ellwood Selling Loom Harrisville width: 36 inches, harnesses: 4 West Chester, pa 0.01 Needs Work Parts for a 36" Harrisville floor loom. 4 harnesses (with a little surface rust), 4 apron rods (with a little rust), new cables and apron ribbons, with installation booklet. I would rather hand them to someone but If you pay the shipping I'll try to wrap them well enough to ship them at your cost. Can meet somewhere for a hand off. caroline.hicks108@gmail.com
10/16/2020 Michele Kurpisz Selling Warping Reel or Warping Mill Unknown width: , harnesses: Rochester, NY 200 Excellent This warping mill is beautiful solid wood, probably cherry. It has a brass spindle in the middle. I believe it was handmade locally. Excellent condition. It disassembles for easy transport. H-34" W-25". $200. Pick up in Rochester, NY michelekurpisz@gmail.com
10/12/2020 Amber Wyckoff Seeking (want-ad) Matchless Bobbins Schacht width: , harnesses: Nine Mile Falls, WA 20 Excellent I am looking for Schacht bobbins for my Matchless spinning wheel. Can trade weaving wool & cotton yarns/weaving shuttles. cornflakegirl400@hotmail.com
10/12/2020 Zhakiaya DeRiso Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 SOUTHFIELD, MI 1000 Very Good Vintage (late 50s/mid 60s) Leclerc F-type/Fanny Counterbalance in Great Condition. 45" - 4 shaft/6 treadle. Folded dimensions 53H-52.5W-23.5D (36.5D opened). Second Hand - Only one previous owner. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED (please email for ZCDsells@gmail.com more info) Warp board = 37.5W x 21L x 1.25D with 21 pegs. The Handweaver's Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon. Unopened Vintage Shed Regulator. PICKUP ONLY! ZCDSella@gmail.com
10/8/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Shuttles Glimakra width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio $19-30 Excellent Glimakra boat shuttles of any types...excellent condition...varying prices lambrugs@yahoo.com
10/8/2020 sandy spaulding Seeking (want-ad) Stand for 24" Ashford Rigid Heddle Ashford width: , harnesses: Sacramento, CA 50 Good I am looking for a stand to use with my 24" Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom. sandy.spaulding539@gmail.com
10/3/2020 Katrina Mitchell Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 60", harnesses: 8 Boulder, Colorado 4000 Excellent Rug Weaver's Dream Loom! 60" Cranbrook with TONS of extras! Reeds (7), Shuttles (8), bench, lease sticks, temples (2), and 100 lbs of fiber! Have manuals, warping paper, and all kinds of accessories to go with this gorgeous loom. I will also deliver to CO, WY, NB, NM, AZ, AR, NW TX. KatrinaLMitchell@Gmail.com
10/2/2020 Bonita Loidolt Seeking (want-ad) Roving carder, fine/medium teeth No preference width: , harnesses: Rice, Minnesota 100 Adequate Used working roving wool carder, fine to medium teeth for fine wool bngl@jetup.net
9/27/2020 Kari Miller Seeking (want-ad) Loom Louet width: 35 or 44, harnesses: 12 Dallas, Texas 3000 Good Looking to buy a used Louet Spring Loom. 8 shaft or 12 shaft. Any weaving width. Within a 10 hour radius of Dallas, Texas or I can arrange to have it picked up if further away. chunkit10414@yahoo.com
9/24/2020 John Sutton Seeking (want-ad) Weaving accessories Norwood width: , harnesses: Benicia, California 1 Good ISO Norwood weaving shuttles (especially a boat shuttle) and small Norwood threading stool (this was a small stool used to sit inside the loom when threading the heddles). These would be made of cherry. I'm very interested in any Norwood branded accessories, but these two are at the top of my wish list. heknits@gmail.com
9/24/2020 John Sutton Seeking (want-ad) Loom Norwood width: 16, harnesses: 4 Benicia, California 1 Good ISO: Norwood Table Loom. These were made in the 50's from cherry wood (same as their large looms). Weaving width was 16" and they did not use stings or pulleys to operate. I've never seen one in real life or in a photo; only a simple drawing in an old advertisement and I have no idea how well it represents the loom. If you have any experience or knowledge about Norwood's table looms, even if you don't have one to sell, I'd love to hear from you. I'm a huge fan of the brand. heknits@gmail.com
9/22/2020 Teri Hasbrouck Selling Various weaving supplies Various width: , harnesses: St Petersburg, FL 250 Excellent Kumihimo maraudai kit with 3 books, 70gram weights and 2 size legs sets ($250); Fraser rag cutter $200, Leclerc tension box $100 tbiomomaz@yahoo.com
9/11/2020 Shar Duke Selling Loom Glimakra width: 26:, harnesses: 8 Frederick, Maryland 1700 New Julia 8s CM bought new last fall, used twice, excellent condition. Compact, sturdy loom with good shed and tension. 32" by 32" footprint, but is lightweight for easy moving. 32" high breast beam, comfortable treadling and tie-up. Easy to take apart and store. Great loom, but have an Eeva and a Lilla and need to thin the herd. Includes: new 8 dpi SS reed, 800 heddles, DVD and instructions, lease sticks, 24 beaming sticks, rubber feet, and shaft holders. Cash only, pick up only. galsfiber@gmail.com
9/8/2020 Danielle McCoy Selling Loom LeClerc width: 36", harnesses: 12 Acworth, GA 1600 Good Multiple Shaft Nilus loom, with 12 shafts / 14 treadles. This loom has a double back beam set up, though I've only used one. One back beam has been upgraded to a sectional beam, and both brakes have been replaced. I can include a reed, bench, extra heddles and a vertical warping mill as well. daniellekristine@gmail.com
9/6/2020 Janelle Furgason Selling Loom Reed & Sons width: 42"?, harnesses: 2 North Vernon, In 47265 400 Very Good I will accept the "best offer". This is vintage floor loom in working condition with two harnesses. Fully functional ready to make rugs!!! The dimensions are 54"x45"x44". There is a number (916) stamped onto the wood! My price is negotiable!! I just want to see someone buy it and use it and I will buy your first rug!!! jfurgason@jcsc.org
9/3/2020 Robin Goss Selling Loom LeClerc width: 120", harnesses: 4 Hudson Valley, NY 4500 Very Good 10' wide WEAVING LOOM Leclerc KEBEC II 120" 4 Harness Counterbalance/Countermarche. Kebec II is a strongly built 4 shaft counterbalance/countermarche loom, allowing the production of wide fabrics, rugs or tapestry. Standard Equipment:-Steel reeds, 12, 10 and 8 dents/inch , 2 sets of 6 treadles, 2 warp rods, Telesolv heddles, 1 apron, Sectional warp beam 1" section, Flying shuttle beater, Book: "Warp and Weave", Assembly instructions. Email for pictures. 2goodtobetrue23@gmail.com
8/29/2020 Candice McBeth Selling Loom Norwood width: 54", harnesses: 4 Portland, Oregon 750 Very Good Beautiful cherry loom in good working order. Weaving bench included that does not match. Can include a few boat shuttles and some nice yarn. easyfeelinalpacas@gmail.com
8/27/2020 Gary Swett Selling Warping Mill Fireside Carousel width: , harnesses: Port Townsend, WA 550 New 4-yard circumference warping mill made from an exotic hardwood. Made in 2019, never used, new in box. Special features: variable length adjustment; friction brake; 4 cone capacity. Collapses to 18" x 18" x 54"; stretcher bars nest on frame when not in use. garyswett@yahoo.com
8/20/2020 Donna McGinnis Selling Spinning Wheel Louet width: , harnesses: Venice, Florida 475 Excellent This S51 DT spinning wheel is not used. I never got the hang of spinning roving. Price includes Corriedale roving.. loomhands@yahoo.com
8/19/2020 Effie Scallan Selling Loom Macomber width: 24" , harnesses: 4 San Lorenzo, CA 800 Needs Work Selling my 24" Baby Macomber. I purchased it with plans to replace the beams, but never got around to it. All moving parts are in working order. I purchased it from an estate sale last October. Here are the specs: 4 harnesses (room for 4 more), 10 treadles (one treadle is chipped, I can send photos), 2 sectional warping beams, warp advance lever for cloth beam is broken, so advancing the warp by hand is necessary (can order new lever from Macomber). I can send photos upon request. stephaniec.scallan@gmail.com
8/13/2020 Jennifer Schmidt Selling Loom Schacht width: 45" weaving width, harnesses: 4 Colts Neck, NJ 1700 Excellent Schacht 48" standard floor loom with all of the accessories and stool included. 45" weaving width. 4 Shafts, Low Castle (not able to add additional shafts). Excellent condition. Jennifer.Schmidt@oxbow.com
8/12/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Swedish bobbin winder for lace Swedish width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 95 Excellent Bobbinwinder for bobbin laceswedish bobbin winder to wind bobbin lace bobbins Lambrugs@yahoo.com
8/12/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc width: 15, harnesses: 2 Columbiana,Ohio 175 Very Good Nilec 2 harness table loom with accessories Lambrugs@yahoo.com
8/12/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc width: 22, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 550 Excellent Leclerc table loom....large size...accessories...12 minutes from exit 232 Ohio Turnpike Lambrugs@yahoo.com
8/9/2020 Kathy McAnally Selling Loom Toika width: 40 inches, harnesses: 8 Tulsa, Oklahoma 8500 Excellent Bench and Toika countermarch loom in near perfect condition. Model is a Liisa. Comes with two reeds. This loom is easy to assemble. Instruction manual is also included. Weaves great! rnrhandwoventreasures@gmail.com
8/9/2020 Laura Brewer Seeking (want-ad) Loom Norwood width: 22-30", harnesses: 4 Columbus, Ohio 800 Very Good Looking for a cherry Norwood loom, workshop or 22-30" weaving width, 4 or 8 harnesses. laura.hester.brewer@gmail.com
8/3/2020 Jim Greeley Selling Loom AVL width: 40", harnesses: 16 San Diego, California 3000 Excellent This compact model AVL loom features many of the advantages of the big production AVL looms but with a smaller folding frame. Manual dobby; automatic warp tensioning and cloth storage system; plain warp beam; adjustable bench. CURBSIDE PICK UP--pickup truck or trailer needed. Covid-19 precautions apply. jgreeley760@gmail.com
8/2/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Structo width: 8 inch, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 225 Very Good Structo 8" weaving width 4 Harness loom with spools, copy of weaving patterns, Structo manual, lease sticks, Sley hook, stick shuttles lambrugs@yahoo.com
8/2/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Yarn winder Unknown width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 135 Very Good Nice winder...heavy,sturdy lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/31/2020 Cliff Archibald Selling Loom Handmade width: 72, harnesses: 8 Atlanta, GA 475 Good 72" Weaving Width Countermarche Loom w/ overhead beater and Flyshuttle system. Custom Built from Honduran Mahogany in the Cranbrook style. Previous owner claimed it was built by and Ohio cabinetmaker. 8H/10T, Metal Heddles,Fabric Aprons Front/Back,Tension Brake. incl 8 Dent and 12 Dent Reeds , lease sticks, raddle, 2 Fly Shuttles, 10 Pirns. 60" deep , 78" wide Front Beam, 111" wide Flyshuttle Boxes, 67" tall to the top of the countermarche box. incl 58" wide bench made from Poplar. cjarchonline@gmail.com
7/29/2020 Diane Vanwoert Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber width: 24-32", harnesses: 4 Schenectady, NY 500 Good ISO Large Mac Type B folding loom (Not the Baby Mac, which is portable) 123rockafella@gmail.com
7/29/2020 Barbara Sabolefski Selling Loom LeClerc width: 36", harnesses: 4 Templeton , MA 650 Good Completely functional. Comes with boat shuttle and extra spools. Assorted other equipment. bsabolef@gmail.com
7/27/2020 Jo Ann Burns Selling Loom Harrisville width: 36", harnesses: 4 Rushville, Indiana 1500 Very Good Clean, slightly used Harrisville Design 36"/4 harness/6 treadle floor loom with seat; bobbin winder with 10 bobbins; 11.5" Schacht wooden boat shuttle; 22" wood rag rug shuttle; Warping board jbcreativesmail@gmail.com
7/18/2020 Chris Gustin Selling Loom unknown maker width: 15, harnesses: 2 Columbus, Indiana 50 Very Good Rigid heddle loom, 8 dent reed, good condition. I have added a tie-on rod to the front bar. Unsure of maker, but very functional for starter loom. Can disassemble and ship at buyer's expense. chris@homesteadweaver.com
7/17/2020 Anu Bhatia Selling Loom Schacht width: 18", harnesses: 4 Fort Collins Colorado, 80525 1250 Excellent Almost new Maple Schacht Pup LT (18"). It comes with one reed (8-dent) and 300 inserted eye heddles; used only for two studio teaching projects. In pristine condition! Located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Pick up only. anubht@yahoo.com
7/15/2020 Elfa Jonsdottir Selling Loom Macomber width: 56 inches, harnesses: 8 Baltimore, Maryland 4000 Excellent 56" Macomber type B folding loom, large Mack, 10 harnesses and 22 pedals and a lot of hooks. Easy to treadle with rear-hinged pedals. Extra back warp beam ready for double weave, all three beams with cloth aprons, 56" raddle . Breaks and back beams lower to floor for easy threading. Folds to 26" deep for storage. 56 inch 12 dent read original and 46 inch SS 10 dent read, Bench. Always been well taken care off and well used. Great condition. elfajo@gmail.com
7/15/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Rigby cutter Rigby Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 95 Excellent Rigby cutter for rug hooking strips....2 Cutter wheels lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/15/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Leclerc boat shuttles LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 24 Excellent $24 for one, $46 for two, $66 for 3..... lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/15/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Schacht bobbins Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 20 Excellent 20 for $20 Schacht 4-inch bobbins; 20 for $20 Schacht 5" bobbins, 8 for $10 Schacht 6" bobbins. Plus postage. Specify size you want to purchase. lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/15/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Spool racks Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 135 Excellent Large spool racks...$135 each lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/15/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Pirns Unknown width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 1 Very Good Vintage wooden pirns with thread or yarn. Only $1 each plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/15/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Fraser cutter Fraser width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 140 Very Good Fraser fabric cutter for strips and extra cutter for rug hooking $145 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/15/2020 Jolene Gonsorowski Selling Loom Toika width: 60", harnesses: 2 Denver, Colorado 2800 Excellent This is a beautiful Toika "Sonja" weaving/tapestry loom. Purchased in mid-2000's. Like new and barely used. 2 treadles and 2 shafts, this is an upright loom that can be used for Navajo weaving or pictures. Has an overheard counterweight beater. Width is 60", depth is 50" and height is 72". Assembly instructions included as well as the bench. jolenego@gmail.com
6/24/2020 Julie Snyder Seeking (want-ad) Sectional Beam rods for a 24" Leclerc Floor loom LeClerc width: , harnesses: Ludington, Michigan 50 Good The brackets & rods- 1" spacing- to screw into the back beam of the 24" wide LeClerc loom. jwsnyder57@gmail.com
6/21/2020 Julia Lines Seeking (want-ad) Loom AVL width: +/- 60", harnesses: 16 Philadelphia, PA 3000 Very Good 16-24 harness mechanical dobby production loom with auto advance; two back beams ideal. machineinhand@gmail.com
6/19/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Bliss cutter for wool strips Bliss width: , harnesses: Columbiana, Ohio 145 Very Good Used Bliss cutter with number 5 blade from an estate, cuts good, can be mailed, comes with brochure, postage extra. Lambrugs@yahoo.com
6/19/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Pirns/bobbins with Silk thread Unknown width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 1.25 each Excellent Vintage pirns/bobbins covered in silk thread. They are from an estate in New England. Postage extra, can be shipped in flat rate box, medium or large Lambrugs@yahoo.com
6/17/2020 Catherine DeGennaro Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht width: 26″, harnesses: 8 New York, NY 1200 Very Good I would love to find a used compact 8 harness loom (or 4N4L) with a weaving width over 22" - ideally Schacht Baby Wolf, but open to other models with a similar footprint for a small studio space. cdegenn@gmail.com
6/9/2020 Kristen Kaas Seeking (want-ad) Loom open width: 48"-60", harnesses: 12 Duluth, Minnesota 2500 Good I would love to find an AVL compu dobby but I don't think my current budget will support that so instead I am looking for a multi harness loom with 12,16, or more harnesses and am open to make/model. thank you! kristenkaas@gmail.com
6/6/2020 LINDA KRAUTER Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA 800 Very Good 45" Nilus Leclerc Loom, 4 harness, includes Leclerc Bench with storage, Raddle, 6 Reeds, lease sticks. $800.00. Pick up please in Saint Augustine krauter4@aol.com
6/6/2020 Esther Budd Selling Loom Louet width: 43 inches, harnesses: More than 16 Waterloo, Ontario 16000 Excellent 32 shaft Megado Dobby loom, extra reeds, Louet bench, 2nd warp beam, loads of extra heddles estherbudd@gmail.com
5/26/2020 Anjuli Bernstein Seeking (want-ad) Loom Toika width: 32", harnesses: More than 16 Santa Fe, NM 4000 Very Good Looking to purchase a 24-32 shaft dobby loom approximately 32" wide. Would be amazing if it came with a bench and two warp beams. Ideal brand would be a Toika. Willing to travel to pick up. Normally I would be based in NY, but currently in NM due to Covid19. anjulibernstein@gmail.com
5/25/2020 Christine Lee Selling Loom Macomber width: 64", harnesses: More than 16 San Diego, CA 2500 Good Large Macomber Ad-A-Harness Loom 64" weaving width with air assist, 20 harness and 20 treadle Type B folding loom. 12 dpi reed. Comes with Speedaire compressor and air receiver. Dimensions: 52"H x 118"W x 48". The original price is over 13K. Priced to sell quickly and due to the following: (1)The air lines for the compressor will need to be replaced. (2) Four loose metal dowels on sectional beam. MUST PICK UP. HEAVY. Resting on a pallet with footprint 124"L x 38"W. CASH ONLY. missleelee33@yahoo.com
5/17/2020 Mary Lou Babich Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 45", harnesses: 4 Largo, FL 1500 Good Cranbrook Countermarche Loom manufactured by John P. Bexell & Son in Pontiac, Michigan. Beautiful maple, 4 harnesses and 45" width. 6, 8, and 12 dent reeds, bench, lease sticks, and warping sticks. mlbmaps@yahoo.com
4/24/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Spinning Wheel Walking or great wheel width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 200 Excellent Beautiful large Walking wheel or Great wheel. Complete lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Tension box for loom Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 95 Excellent Tension box for sectional warping 12 Dent reed..like new $95 lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Wooden pirns Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 19 Very Good Various vintage pirns 20 for $19 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Spools Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 2.50 Very Good 7 inch spools with yarn or thread, vintage, $2.50 each or 25 spools for $95 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Beka table top swift Beka Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 45 New Yarn swift which sits on a table.....drop skein on it and adjust skein..new $45...can be taken apart easily.. can be mailed via USPS lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling 4 inch bobbins LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 1 Excellent Leclerc 4" plastic bobbins for boat shuttle..fits most boat shuttles. You can purchase whatever amount you want for $1 each plus postage. lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/16/2020 Luis Alvarez Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45, harnesses: 4 North Bergen, NJ 700 Very Good Fanny Le clerc hand weaving loom barely used in good condition minor cosmetic issues in working condition. Handweaving floor loom thefloorcontractor@gmail.com
4/16/2020 Caitlin Roy Seeking (want-ad) Loom Gilmore width: any size, harnesses: N/A Palmetto, FL 400 Excellent Hello! I am in search of a gilmore wave, any size. caitroy90@gmail.com
3/25/2020 Ron Sell Selling Loom Schacht 26" width: 26", harnesses: 8 Yakima, WA 1900 Excellent The loom belonged to my late wife. I know little about weaving but the loom is in excellent condition and has many accessories. Please contact me and I'll send you photos. Ron Sell, ronlin111@hotmail.com. ronlin111@hotmail.com
3/22/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Flat metal heddles for Structo metal 4 and 8" loom Structo width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 0.25 Very Good Flat metal heddles 25 cents each for the small Structo 4 and 8" metal looms...RARE ITEM. Also repair heddles $2 each for these small collectible looms lambrugs@yahoo.com
3/22/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Ski shuttles Glimakra and leclerc width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 27 Very Good 4 ski shuttles available. Leclerc and Glimakra...2 for $49 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
3/22/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Structo width: 20, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 500 Very Good Structo table loom 4 H with label, 4 H 20" wooden construction, smooth back beam, paperwork., beater bar has 2 places to locate, shuttles, lease stick, sley hook lambrugs@yahoo.com
3/22/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Bernat width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 550 Very Good Bernat table loom with stand with 4 treadles. Use either way, easily on and off stand. Smooth back beam and a sectional back beam, use either way, original manual lambrugs@yahoo.com
3/22/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Mountain loom width: 18, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 525 Excellent Excellent Mountain Loom weaving width 18". Thus loom is heavy duty item with swinging beater, texsolv heddles, lease sticks, boat shuttle with bobbins, stick shuttles, sley hook, original catalogue, extra heddles Lambrugs@yahoo.com
3/3/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling A Handweavers Pattern Book Book by Davison width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 65 Very Good Used book...green copy of Davison's A Handweavers Pattern book..no jacket lambrugs@yahoo.com
2/7/2020 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Clement bobbin winder/yarn winder Clement bobbinwinder/yarn swift width: , harnesses: Columbiana, Ohio 149 Very Good Vintage Clement bobbin winder/yarn winder all in one.....shipping extra lambrugs@yahoo.com
1/28/2020 Gail Stewart Selling Loom Schacht width: 36 inches, harnesses: 4 Princeton, Indiana 955.99 Very Good Schacht Mighty Wolf 36 inches. This MW has a high castle with handy storage tray. This MW has four harnesses with six tie ups and a sectional back beam. This MW folds up and has wheels for easy moving and storage. Serial #MW-4-583 principalgail@hotmail.com
Custom width loom aprons up to 60" wide. Very heavy canvas, hemmed both top and bottom. Length is approximately 55" (can be ordered shorter). Since they are long, they can be re-sewn in the future without having to purchase a new apron. Example 36"  is $25 plus postage. Email Lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330.457.7551



FINE PRINT: This page of listings is a free service of Homestead Weaving Studio LLC, which has no monetary interest in the sale of these items, unless otherwise noted. We are not responsible for the content of any of the ads on this page and transactions that result from these ads are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and not Homestead Weaving Studio LLC. The transaction is between the seller and the buyer, so BUYER BEWARE. Please contact the person whose email address is given with the listing if you have any questions.

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