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Current Projects - Exhibits and Commissions

"Weave Me Tomorrow Out of Today" environmental weaving show for "Earth Day 2012" at Hotel Indigo in Columbus, IN.


#22117 - 6' x 10'

Commission for kitchen - 4' x 13'

Commission for family room - 9' x 12'

This series of four Shaggy Chic rugs has been installed in a newly built Southern Indiana home. They were designed to compliment the furnishings and the woodtones.


Copper shawl pins ... hammered from heavy copper wire and then polished to a shine. Perfect for holding your handwoven shawl or ruana. Each one is different and unique.

Only $35 each.

Click for larger picture



This rag tapestry depicts a Lake Michigan beach scene and is titled "Lake Michigan Repose." It hangs in a home in Plymouth, Michigan.
This set of ten rugs was completed for a client in New Jersey. Thanks to Vicki at Wallflowers Interior Design for providing the picture of the rugs in their new home.

This is a photo of a sockloop rug with a seam down the middle.
The finished rug measured 8' x 11'.

Homestead Weaving Studio
6285 Hamilton Creek Road
Columbus, IN 47201

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