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    Handwoven Rug Styles
    A short tutorial on the material we use for our "Recycled Rugs"

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    Our handwoven rugs are certified as  Indiana Artisan quality work

    Weaving with an environmental conscience ...
    At Homestead Weaving Studio, we believe that the future of the planet is in our hands.
    We practice recycling in our personal lives and in our business. Most of the materials in the rugs we make are recycled.
    We use reclaimed products or waste material. These products are new (with the exception of denim and corduroy) material, but they are the byproduct of another industry (i.e. hosiery mills, bedding factories, curtain manufacturers, clothing and upholstery mills).  To those industries, the materials are "waste" ... to us, they are the heart of recycled rugs. 
    Clicking on any rug will open it in another window for detail viewing.

    Homestead Weaving Studio can make a "Recycled Rug" to fit your decor and lifestyle.
     Here are examples of the "styles" of rugs we create, but most of these rugs are SOLD.

    (Please visit our main gallery page to see what is currently in stock and where you can purchase a rug or two!)

    Official PayPal Seal Shaggy Chic Selvedge Rugs

      The rug chenille that is used for these soft pile rugs is a byproduct of a weaving mill. The selvedges are cut from the edges or the woven web of fabric and become scrap which make wonderful "twice-woven" rugs.
      The yarns are high quality and most are machine-washable. The following pictures are representative of some of the colorways, but the supply changes frequently and some colors are very limited. These rugs are extremely popular due to their modern look and wide range of fashionable colors.


    "Twilight Trees"
    #22384 - 26" x 51.5"
    "Painted Desert" Sunbrella® shag
    #22362 - 26" x 57"
    #22390 - 36" x 65"
    "Clear Autumn Day" Sunbrella® shag
    #22371 - 18.5" x 46"

    When you order a dozen through Paypal, we will send you the 13th one as a free gift.
    Put them in a basket for guests and family to use. Protect your furniture under your coffee cup or glass of tea. Make great gifts!
     $3.50 each
     or $42 per dozen
    (approx. 4" x 4.5")

    Select  your colors, or let us pick an assortment for you.
    You will be able to select quantity in the shopping cart once you have made your color selection.
    Color selection


     when you just need a little rug ... 
    The perfect "Thank you" gift!
    Fabric and Traditional Rag Rugs
    Fabric rugs are made from cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. They can be woven in stripes,
    a hit-and-miss pattern,
     or with a traditional striped pattern at each end.

    The advantages of fabric rugs include the large number of colors available, 
    the ease of care in high-traffic areas, and the possibility for color-coordinating with other parts of a room.
    Fabric Rag Rug Gallery
    Floral and Plain
    #60291 - 25" x 40"
    #60267 - 25" x 37.5"
    Hollywood design
    #60200 - 27" x 43"
    Hit and Miss
    #60331 - 25" x 41.5"
    If you wish to purchase a rug without using Paypal, please email us and we will handle the transaction for you. We take Visa, MC, Discover and checks.
      Corduroy Rugs recycled from clothing
    Corduroy rugs are cut from recycled clothing. Strips are cut from skirts or the legs of pants, blended into colorways, and sewn together to make strips for weaving. The color changes in the corduroy rugs can be very subtle, and a moderate range of colors is available. Construction, however, is very time-intensive. This style is being phased out because of procurement issues. Remaining stock is shown in
    Corduroy Rug Gallery
    Red, black, white cord rug
    #50157 - 25" x 62"
    Mauve, turquoise, jeweltones corduroy
    #50162 - 25" x 41.5"
    Autumn cord
    #50165 - 25" x 41"
    Pastels cord -
    #50168 - 25" x 44"
      Denim rugs recycled from blue jeans
    Denim rugs are made from recycled blue jeans. Pants are deconstructed, removing the waistband, pockets, zipper and seams. Strips are cut from the remaining fabric, blended into colorways, and sewn together to make strips for weaving. The color changes in the denim rugs can be very subtle, reflecting the life that the jeans previously lived, and a small range of colors is available. Construction, however, is very time-intensive which adds to the price.
    Denim Rug Gallery
     ~ Visitors ~
    Multi-colored sewn denim from blue jeans  with neckties
    #40026 - 36" x 93" - $495
    (More suitable as a wall hanging than a rug due to ties along edges)
    Multi-colored sewn denim from blue jeans
    #40190 - 25.5" x 57.5" -
    Sewn Denim - dark lines are the fabric that was inside the back pockets
    #40177 - 20" x 39.5" -
      Sock and Sockloop Rugs

    Sockloop rugs are made from the small ring of material that is knit during the manufacture of knit socks. It gives the finishing machine something to hold onto while the toe is sewn shut. Then it is cut free from the sock and becomes waste. Loopers may be cotton, acrylic, or wool, depending on the factory and what type of socks are being knit there. Unfortunately, many of the sock factories have left the USA and good loopers are getting hard to obtain.

    We also produce loops by cutting up defective socks. Dropped stitches or mechanical errors create perfect supply which can be cut into loops and made into soft and cushy rugs.
     Loops are strung together and then woven. Sock and looper rugs are especially good for bathrooms (because they are absorbent), or where a soft rug is needed (in front of a sink). Color selection is limited.
    Sock Rug Gallery

    Handcut socks -
     #10256 - 36" x 60"  - $149


    "Autumn in the woods"
    sock rug -
    #10433 - 26" x 44.5"
    "Birch bark" cotton sockloops
    #10247 - 26 x 44
    Spectrum cotton sockloops #10427 - 36"  x 62" -

    Made With American Pride In Indiana    


    Homestead Weaving Studio
    6285 Hamilton Creek Road
    Columbus, IN 47201

    If you're interested in purchasing any of these weavings,
     you can send E-mail to the address below.
    We accept checks, money orders,

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