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There are several pounds of most of these yarns on various size cones.
Just order the number of pounds you want, giving the stock number. This yarn is in limited supply and I probably won't have it again, so plan accordingly. The fiber content is listed if known. Yarn is in very good condition, unless noted. These are my best prices on some good yarn.
I've got new yarn coming in frequently and need to make room. 

Natural silk (70%) poly (30%)
Was $25, now $18/lb. (127D lavender blue; 127E tan)

Nice!! 2/8 wool yarn. From top: rose pink, chartreuse, olive gold, orange, salmon. $16 per pound. (#28 + color) 


Lovely rose mohair/nylon; 5,000ypp; $25/lb. (227P)

Popcorn in primary colors with gold metallic. 
About 1800 ypp. $20/lb. Cone sizes vary. (127G)

French fingering weight yarn in white, black, red and navy.
 Was $25/lb; now $20/lb.
(#162 + color)
Black sold out

Space-dyed cotton ("Tuitti Fruitti") with metallic. 
Approx. 2500 ypp. Was $24/lb. Now $20/lb. (227F)

12/2 Rayon, spring combo, $15/lb. (227R)

Pinky mauve, rayon cotton, was $16/lb, now $12.

Three-ply poly, light pink, black and tan; $12/lb. (227E)

Rayon/cotton slub, blue, rose, lavender, peach; $16/lb. (227Q)

Acrylic yarn, worsted weight, softball.

Fuzzball cotton. Blues tonal, Rose tonal, Rose Combo, Earth Combo and Pistachio.

$20 per pound. Most cones 1.5 pounds.



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